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  1. Glad I could help. I didn't even notice the palleton link thing on the site. Will have to check out out when I get in front of a computer. From my cell phone it looks at least as good
  2. i like this tool:
  3. clip from the article: ""Edible Arrangements claims Google (GOOGL) is taking a bite out of its profits. The fruit bouquet maker has filed a federal lawsuit claiming rival ads appear and confuse customers when people search for Edible Arrangements on the search engine. It’s suing for $209 million in damages, $9 million of which it estimates Google earned in ad revenue."" i didnt watch the video, but this is just a case of their competition using their name in their keywords, no? if i google 'edible arrangements', is first, then, then, and they are all ads. if they are all ads, doesnt that mean that edible arrangements is targerting 'edible arrangements' as well? and if edible arrangements thinks that only their site should show up when people search for them, then why are they spending money for ads targeting 'edible arrangements' in the first place??
  4. people steal content?

    yeah, i realize it was wayback. i looked at the link, didnt see the author stuff. didnt even look like the same page. i assume you copied from the top of the page. lol. i see now you copied from down toward the bottom. ADD for the win.
  5. people steal content?

    thanks guys i didnt even notice the "Idealware is a small nonprofit that helps other nonprofits make smart decisions about software. For more information, visit Idealware's website." originally i was looking for a specific piece of info, so i was skimming, then i saw the other site and notice duplicate text. and looking now more closely at the idealware article, it says at the end "Thanks to TechSoup for the financial support to research and write this article." how did you get that 'about the authors' info to show?
  6. so i searched for "compare apache openoffice and microsoft office". first result was a tech soup article from 2016 second result was an idealware article from 2013 its pretty clear that the 2016 article was a copy of the 2013 article and enhanced slightly (i didnt read end to end, but i checked various spots in the articles) i have seen this many times in other searches when looking for particular info, like how to take care of rabbits or whatever. i know people steal content, but how prevalent is it? is like everybody doing it? if the 2016 author isnt the same guy that wrote the 2013 article, why doesnt 2013 guy come after 2016 guy? is this techsoup site a pretty mainstream site? they dont check out articles? they just trust their writers? or they dont care? no real urgency here, just thinking out loud really, but maybe i learn something from somebody
  7. time travelers are not permitted to use their powers to help themselves. just like psychics.
  8. 1 on 1 SEO Coaching

    im working on a new site: fiftyrr
  9. can it be that the shorter snippets are on pages that the author created the snippet. the longer ones are pulled from the pages. by google i assume?or are we saying the same thing?
  10. i suspected this as well, but didnt want to influence your reply. i dont have any proof it is missing mentions, but it just seems it is.
  11. i dont have any recommendations, but just curious, what didnt you like about google alerts?
  12. i guess they didnt cover that in digital marketing expert school
  13. 2017 - What Will You Do Different?

    hmm, i thought he meant notifications for threads he had posted in (and others subsequently posted in), but now upon reread, he just wants a general reminder. my bad
  14. 2017 - What Will You Do Different?

    hmm, actually, i dont know if you get an email, but if its like other forums, you should. im sure mike will chime in on this
  15. 2017 - What Will You Do Different?

    you should see a 'follow' button top right of page. i think thats what youre looking for