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  1. gnojham

    SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

    no worries. thats why i said 'does or did', not 'does'.
  2. gnojham

    SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

    OP does or did apparently. regardless, it appeared the OP wasnt aware of the reading score feature in yoast, just giving him a heads up 8-)
  3. gnojham

    WF promoting Dan Lok

    there must be. you guys keep going there? 8-)
  4. gnojham

    SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

    the yoast plugin does the same thing
  5. gnojham

    Slick Bootstrap SEO

    i was browsing some classes on edx and came across a bootstrap tutorial. https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-to-bootstrap-a-tutorial-0 generally edx courses are decent, so i would imagine anybody that wanted to get started with bootstrap would find this useful. however, i dont know anything about bootstrap and havent taken this course, so i cant promise anything. you dont have to pay, just login, enroll, choose audit. you get the same content but wont get a certificate and maybe wont have access to any quizzes or whatever.
  6. I set up a Web page for my buddy. There's a contact form. I get the emails from the form. Up until about a week or two ago, I would get spam from content generation folks maybe once or twice every few days. Now all of a sudden im getting like 3 a day from people with Amazon links. Im not sure if they are affiliate links or not because I haven't checked,but, am I the only one getting these? If they turn out to be affiliate links, I can notify amazon and maybe they do something about it? (They aren't going to necessarily help me, but if they shut down some people's accounts, I would love it.).
  7. maybe because im dumb i just want to do something that returns a list of places that dont have websites if i search new york gas stations i get a list of places with and without sites. i just want it to return places without.
  8. this is what im interested in maybe kinda. just dont want to scrape first
  9. thanks, yeah, this what i would do now, wondering if theres a better way
  10. so, i want to search google for businesses that dont have websites. new york gas stations for example. i want google places to list the businesses that dont have websites. how to i make this happen? thanks
  11. Glad I could help. I didn't even notice the palleton link thing on the site. Will have to check out out when I get in front of a computer. From my cell phone it looks at least as good
  12. i like this tool: http://colorschemedesigner.com/csd-3.5/
  13. clip from the article: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/qualcomm-ups-offer-amazon-prime-members-get-another-benefit-gm-making-deals-south-korea-edible-arrangements-sues-google-160902553.html ""Edible Arrangements claims Google (GOOGL) is taking a bite out of its profits. The fruit bouquet maker has filed a federal lawsuit claiming rival ads appear and confuse customers when people search for Edible Arrangements on the search engine. It’s suing for $209 million in damages, $9 million of which it estimates Google earned in ad revenue."" i didnt watch the video, but this is just a case of their competition using their name in their keywords, no? if i google 'edible arrangements', ediblearrangements.com is first, then berries.com, then fruitbouquets.com, and they are all ads. if they are all ads, doesnt that mean that edible arrangements is targerting 'edible arrangements' as well? and if edible arrangements thinks that only their site should show up when people search for them, then why are they spending money for ads targeting 'edible arrangements' in the first place??
  14. gnojham

    people steal content?

    yeah, i realize it was wayback. i looked at the link, didnt see the author stuff. didnt even look like the same page. i assume you copied from the top of the page. lol. i see now you copied from down toward the bottom. ADD for the win.

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