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  1. somehow i stumbled across some 'article' on yahoo that mention patel and herjavec. apparently they are trying to persuade people to be angel investors. something called "angels and entrepreneurs network". anybody else stumble across this? oh man, we have these potentially great investment opportunities and because we already have a ton of money, we are going to let you in on it for a small fee! how awesome are we? instead of taking our own money and investing in these awesome deals and making 1000x, we would rather share with you! arent we sweet? i hope they both die
  2. Seems to me it was working perfectly.
  3. my buddy sent me a link to this. he joked that i was going to do it to him...
  4. i havent paid much attention to wordpress much other than what i see here, but i just logged in to one of my wordpress sites and it forced me to update the database, which i thought would just be the database, but turns out it updated everything or updated it at some other point without me knowing. if my pages mention gutenberg when im editing, then its updated, right?
  5. hard /gas perm is related to contact lenses. hard lenses, gas permeable lenses. not sure why they wouldnt take on new contact lense clients though
  6. so, every now and then i get an email from google about my buddies business. i created and host his business website for him because its simple enough and he knows nothing about computers. its not the greatest site ever, but it does the job and i never have time to improve it really. anyway... so i get the emails, one talks about 'check what keywords are triggering page views' or something like that. i click and it opens analytics and sure enough it opens to a view that lists various keywords and how many pageviews and how many clicks and some other things. i was at work so i only looked at it for a couple seconds and since i havent been involved much, i didnt go back (not even now, lol). i seem to recall that a few years or so back, they stopped showing you keywords. did they bring it back? or am i mistaken about them removing keywords from analytics? the other email im curious about was a gmb email, i go to the dashboard and theres a spot to create a webpage(website?) using gmb. i created a draft just to see, and while it wasnt the greatest thing ever, it wasnt the worst thing i ever saw. it could probably be tweeked to look presentable. my question is, wouldnt these gmb created sites be set up perfectly to match everything google is looking for?
  7. no worries. thats why i said 'does or did', not 'does'.
  8. OP does or did apparently. regardless, it appeared the OP wasnt aware of the reading score feature in yoast, just giving him a heads up 8-)
  9. there must be. you guys keep going there? 8-)
  10. i was browsing some classes on edx and came across a bootstrap tutorial. https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-to-bootstrap-a-tutorial-0 generally edx courses are decent, so i would imagine anybody that wanted to get started with bootstrap would find this useful. however, i dont know anything about bootstrap and havent taken this course, so i cant promise anything. you dont have to pay, just login, enroll, choose audit. you get the same content but wont get a certificate and maybe wont have access to any quizzes or whatever.
  11. I set up a Web page for my buddy. There's a contact form. I get the emails from the form. Up until about a week or two ago, I would get spam from content generation folks maybe once or twice every few days. Now all of a sudden im getting like 3 a day from people with Amazon links. Im not sure if they are affiliate links or not because I haven't checked,but, am I the only one getting these? If they turn out to be affiliate links, I can notify amazon and maybe they do something about it? (They aren't going to necessarily help me, but if they shut down some people's accounts, I would love it.).
  12. maybe because im dumb i just want to do something that returns a list of places that dont have websites if i search new york gas stations i get a list of places with and without sites. i just want it to return places without.
  13. this is what im interested in maybe kinda. just dont want to scrape first
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