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  1. I have to confess. I just recently started using Google Tag Manager in May after reading this thread. I didn't even know it existed.
  2. Shhh... Don't tell anyone. Let them keep running around posting daily trashing up their blogs. We'll just keep beating them.
  3. Title says it all. I have been seeing stories pop up about people recovering from the August 1st update and seeing rankings bouncing back up, but those stories all seem really short on any kind of details. Thanks
  4. If it was about a topic that I was pretty knowledgeable about, I think I could pump out quite a few words. If it was something I knew nothing about, there would be a few hours/days/weeks of research first, depending how complicated the subject is.
  5. Make sure you have a custom 404 page setup. Unless the 404's are being caused by internal links or external links that you can change, it really is not something to be concerned with. Someone can correct me if I am wrong on that.
  6. Click what link? Where? I get what you are saying about setting up a free offer, but I do not see anything about bringing in traffic as the title of the thread suggests.
  7. For strictly selfish reasons, I wish Matt had come back. He did not give out answers to questions and then 5 minutes later completely contradict himself or force Google to put out an official statement contradicting him... I'm looking at you Mr. Mueller.
  8. That's what I always thought too. It's what the kids use to send their nudes back and forth after they meet on Tinder.
  9. Now that is a freaking brilliant idea for finding writers. I would imagine a little flattery goes a long way.
  10. It's amazing the things people focus so much time and energy on instead of looking at what really matters in their business.
  11. In content links have long been the best. Forum signature, blog comment, profile, and sidebar links are probably the bottom of the barrel in some order.
  12. If we join this and later decide to upgrade to the membership that includes the training course stuff, is there a discount to upgrade or do we pay full price for that? Thanks
  13. If you think about how big and popular Google is across the world, that guy has had a huge influence on our society.
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