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  1. I have about 200 hours of audio files that I want to transcribe into text files. Other than sitting for about 2 months listening to them and typing them very badly or getting somebody to do it for me I'm trying to find a program, app. some piece of technical wizardry or a miracle that will enable me to upload an audio file and have it re-purposed as a text file. I thought I'd cracked it with a speech recognition add-on in Google Docs (yes I know I'm a cheapskate) but this no longer seems to exist. Does anybody have any ideas as to how I can find this program or app or miracle? I've tried every sort of search I can manage but have only been able to come up with solutions that are now unavailable, out dated or just plain wrong. I know there will still be a lot of correcting to do with audio to text but it's better than transcribing the whole 200 hours manually.
  2. Unfortunately, now I'm old, I just automatically turn my thoughts into words and as a result manage to offend everybody within hearing range. Who needs a device?
  3. 4000 new places for humanity to destroy.
  4. Don't know why they didn't open a window to get rid of the smell.
  5. Any show recommended by the Grauniad is a show I don’t want to watch.
  6. They went into space officially pulling a trailor? Wow.
  7. Will this improve my dial-up performance?
  8. After Brexit it will be daylight 24 hours a day as we join forces with the Faroe Isles to become a world power once more. "Make Britain Grate Again"
  9. No, the stones have been moved and it's half past eight.
  10. Was there any danger to the 'narrower' public?
  11. Today memes, tomorrow free thought. Welcome to the world of 'Federal' or was that 'Feudal' Europe.
  12. What a great business idea. Clean up a few of the details and ............................ BTW I have a nice bridge in London for sale. Offers in the region of £25 will be accepted.
  13. Is this what Mike means by "shooting the shit"?
  14. But if the earth is flat all the excess water would just run off the edges and nothing would change.
  15. They're down in the engine room as they are all illegals and need to be hidden.
  16. Just run a live feed of the event
  17. How did you find that site?
  18. Happy Birthday, youngster.
  19. Finally I have the info from the horse's mouth. I got an email from Warrior Plus saying that my query was now 'closed' so I guess that Warrior Plus is happy with people selling junk with fake screenshots showing 'income proof'. I would be very interested in knowing Warrior Plus's legal position on this but quite frankly can't be bothered to pursue this any further. I've got better things to do like watch the grass grow.
  20. We couldn't afford crumpets so had to make do with pint glasses; the ones with handles.
  21. If he was he could have got the lottery numbers from next weekend, won £10,000,000,and stopped peddling crap.
  22. Well, surprise, surprise. Despite the image being proven to be fake it's still being used and the product is still being sold on Warrior Plus so I guess Thomas was right. Warrior Plus has done absolutely nothing to protect it's buyers from fraud.
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