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  1. I have a site in the legal services niche. I started the website without a silo and I'm thinking about re-structuring the site with a silo. I have a few concerns about doing this. Namely the following: Is there any risk of dilution? Would changing URLs harm each page indefinitely due to re-indexing by google? Thanks
  2. Thats helpful color Jill. Also, I should have been more clear: ranking for "keyword"+"state" would be my goal if I employ this strategy. Thanks for all the help everyone.
  3. This is really helpful, thank you. Would having a Houston address help me rank better for the entire state of Texas? Also, would having multiple addresses be regarded spammy in they eyes of a google? In other words, do I risk getting penalized if I list each address on a respective town's local online directory? P.S. I'm signing up to an inner-circle membership very soon. The commentary on this forum is higher-level than any of the garbage I usually read form Patel and others.
  4. Hi, I recently came across a powerful injury lawyer's website: wilshirelawfirm.com. I noticed he purchased virtual office addresses in each high-volume city in California. I'm guessing that he placed each virtual address to various local listing websites and has citations for each city-specific page. This is working out somewhat well for the lawyer, as he ranks highly for searches outside of his office's HQ in Los Angeles. My question: If I have a national business, could I do the same by buying virtual offices in the high-volume states and using local citations to drive traffic to those state-specific pages? For example: mywebsite.com/locations/california mywebsite.com/locations/texas Thank you, I really enjoy this forum and looking to contribute moving forward.
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