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  1. Good to read you too. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving
  2. Doing fine. My absence from online forums is more to do with boredom with online forums than the Orange Ooompa Loompa. Lol. I sort of made it a tradition to thank vets here every year since this is the only forum that I have a login to.
  3. To all Vets, thank you for your sacrifice to keep us safe.I an deeply appreciative of what you do for your country.l
  4. You know I always did every year when I was posting in forums. Thanks to all the Vets for protecting us and our freedoms. It's no small measure to devote years of your life and put yourself in harm's way on our behalf.
  5. Pretty hilarious to me. I'm not opposed to stupid morons harming themselves.
  6. sbucciarel

    Donald Trump

    Just doing a bit of online shopping. I'm leaning towards the last mug, but really like the cap too
  7. Yes, you can hurt yourself eating peppers. Stay away from the Carolina Reaper Can Eating The World's Hottest Pepper Kill You? How Spicy Foods Affect The Body
  8. sbucciarel

    Donald Trump

    Again, I'm single and unattached. I let men buy their own mugs. lol
  9. sbucciarel

    Donald Trump

    Whatever dude .... I've ordered my nasty woman coffee mug already. lol
  10. sbucciarel

    Donald Trump

    Nobody's whining about it. Women everywhere have adopted it and even bought merchandise to identify themselves as "Nasty Women." That's how it answers your question, as if it weren't obvious. 15 "I Am A Nasty Woman Because" Tweets Whose Messages Of Female Empowerment Will Inspire You 'Nasty' women and their friends fight back through hashtags, web domains ‘Nasty woman is probably the coolest thing Hillary has ever been called’ “Nasty woman" becomes the feminist rallying cry Hillary Clinton was waiting for
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