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  1. Congrats, Terra! On both the reply and the rejection... progress is progress and it's great to see you continue to move forward. Good luck with Agent #1.
  2. I've never gotten an auto reply like that before. Interesting, as my business is conducted primarily through email. I am however seriously considering changing my voice mail message to, "If you leave me a voice message, I will not hear it. Please send me an email." I hate the phone.
  3. Thanks, Sal. I agree, 6 hours sleep probably isn't enough. Though I keep trying to make myself adjust to it. I've got to be up at 7:30 am to take my kids to school. But getting to bed before midnight is a real challenge for me. I've tried, many times. I hate it. I've always been a night person, and I don't see that changing. What I've been doing for years is I get up at 7:30, take the kids to school, and then come home and sleep for another 2-3 hours. But as long as I keep my day job (my own business) as a computer consultant serving business clients, it's definitely not a good way to work. As far as the rest of the schedule goes, it really should be very easy. I didn't schedule an 11 hour work day. It's 7 hours. 11:30 - 6:30. Pretty light by any working American's standards I think (and of course I'll give myself time for lunch and a break in there. I just didn't feel it necessary to pencil that into the schedule). I've got about an hour commute to get into the city and be at a client site, or to get to a Starbucks and work on my laptop. But I've given myself a leisurely 2 hours to get into work once I leave the house at 9:30 am. (And I've given myself a leisurely 2 hours to get my ass out of the house after waking up at 7:30.) And after 6:30 pm, the rest of the day/night is for anything I want to do - except for a half hour I spend meditating with my son. Overall, I think this should be a very easy, doable, healthy schedule to keep. Except for the getting up in the morning. That's a real problem for me.
  4. Hey guys. It's 3+ months in, and I wanted to post an update. Around the start of this in mid-December, I set out to create a schedule I could stick to. I've set a schedule, but as far as sticking to it, I've got to give myself a fail. Maybe a "C", as I've not abandoned it completely, as I might a diet or exercise program. I'm still very aware every day of what I'm supposed to be doing, exactly when I should be doing it. I just don't do it. The schedule I created for myself is based loosely off Benjamin Franklin's schedule, which I came across while trying to figure out what might work best for me. This is the kind of schedule I think would work great for me, and there's no reason I shouldn't be able to stick with it. I set alarms on my phone for the following times, every day: 7:30 - Get up 9:30 - Be out of the house 11:30 - Be at my desk, or at a client, working. I can work on my day-job computer consulting business, or I can work on my app. Just work, until... 6:30 - Quitting time. Then I can do whatever I want until... 8:30 - 30 min. meeting with my son (more about this in a moment) 12:45 - Bed time. Try to be asleep by 1. I stuck to this schedule for ONE day. Then, every day since, the alarms will go off, and I just acknowledge that I'm way behind schedule, or totally off schedule for no other reason than I lack discipline. I still try often to stick to the schedule, which I credit the alarms for. As long as I don't shut them off, I will be reminded 6 times a day that now is a good opportunity to get back on track and do great things. Most days I'll be close or on-time for at least some of my scheduled activities, but never all, except for that very first day. Pretty stupid that I can't do this. Anyway... I also wanted to get into meditation. And actually, it's going pretty good. I've gotten into it with my youngest son, which is what that 8:30 meeting is about. Just about the time I hopped into this thread, I got my 12 yr. old son's 2nd quarter report card, and it was really bad. Failing math, other grades dropped from C's to D's. Clearly going in the wrong direction - as I am well aware can happen, having great personal experience with this path myself. I know how this goes if he doesn't get some guidance. My brother-in-law got zero guidance. No one wants to be like "Uncle T." Often enough, someone, myself included, will say to my boy, "You want to be like Uncle T.?" We can all see, my kid's got the potential. My other two, older kids never really needed much guidance. I got crazy lucky. My wife does a great job and stays on top of the schoolwork and homework, but mostly she's there to help if they need or ask for it. She doesn't need to make sure they're doing their work. Generally, my two oldest are just really good kids who want to do well, And they do, all on their own. My oldest got himself into Harvard. My youngest has other plans. (Oops. 12:45 alarm going off.) So to try and help steer him right, I told him that every school night, we'll get together in my office at 8:30. We'll meditate for 10 minutes. Then, we'll look at his planner and make sure all of his homework is done. I give it a quick look, tell him how I think he did (neatness, is his name and date on top, did he leave anything out?) We check if he's got any tests, quizzes or projects coming up. And then we check the online Parent Portal (thank God they didn't have this when I was a kid) to see if he missed any homework and how he did on his last tests. It's working out very well. He still manages to slip an assignment past me once in a while (sneaky bastard. Chip off the ol' block.), and he does still fail some tests, but he passes way more than he fails and I believe every one of his grades will improve this marking period. We even got a call from his math teacher telling us he's seeing a marked improvement in my boy's performance. I don't think the meditation has much, if anything to do with this at all, other than it gets us to sit down together and relax for 10 min. or so. Neither one of us really looks forward to doing it, and neither of us particularly likes it. But we don't necessarily not like it either. And we know if we stick with it it should be helpful. So we manage to do it on average 2 days a week (which is how often my sad, undisciplined ass manages to make sure we have our daily meeting.) I first started by having us try to sit for 20 min. and focus on a mantra (which I believe is the basis of TM, which is supposed to be pretty good.) This sucked and there was no way we'd stick with it. Luckily, about the same time I heard Headspace.com advertised on a podcast. We went through the free, 10-session trial (over the course of about 3 weeks at our pace, each about 10 min long.) Then we tried a free 7-day trial at calm.com. We liked calm better, so after the trial I signed up for the year, and we're currently in the middle of our initial "21 days of calm". I'm confident will stick with this, and hopefully do it more frequently for the rest of the school year. I'm hopeful we'll continue through the summer, but that might be a tough one to pull off. We'll see. Didn't quit weed. I took a break for a couple weeks. It was really easy to stop. I just said, "If you have discipline, you'll succeed. If you don't have discipline, you won't succeed until you get discipline." I gave myself two simple instructions to follow to build discipline. 1. Stick to your schedule. (fail) 2. Don't smoke weed. (Success until two days ago, when I was working in the backyard. It was such a beautiful day. And I couldn't shake the thought,"You know what would be super-awesome right now as I work in the garden on this beautiful, first spring-like day of the year?") But not smoking definitely makes me better overall than smoking. And I really want better discipline. So I'm done with weed again. Haven't worked on my app since my last post about it in the thread I started about it. It's clear to me I still have a lot to do before I sink money into getting it made. I stepped away from it a bit, and I think I figured out what I need to do. Also, my brother is coming into town on Friday, and he's going to be staying with me for a few days. When we spoke yesterday, he said, "Hey, why don't we sit down and take a look at that app you've been working on." So, I'm going to sit down starting tomorrow, fix everything I think I need to fix (which is basically cut out about 90% of it) and then hopefully when my brother shows up, we'll have something we can work with. Hey, look at that. 1:45 AM on the nose. Perfect time to wrap this up and hit the sack. Only an hour behind schedule...
  5. Thanks, Shay! I didn't originally think of using this for client projects - but the application became obvious to me during the creation process. It's why I want to have the option to use any 3 characters for the "Op Score". I can use this for when I do billable work for my clients, and use that Op Score field to enter the first three letters of each client's name. When I look at that Completed Ops page, I'll easily be able to pick out what work I did for which clients. Thanks again! -Rob
  6. Thanks for the kind words, Terra! I've got a kid in college, who will be more than willing to try this out when ready and see if it's useful. Right now he's very into using the Pomodoro timer technique and he's just discovered the Bullet Journal system. He (like his old man) is a sucker for a new productivity tool, and he will be a great beta tester. Hopefully I can get him a working version before he graduates in 2020. I completely get what you're saying about this not being right for your method of working. If I had your discipline and ability to sit working for a long stretch, I never would have even thought to create such an app. But me personally, if I'm faced with a task that will be difficult or tedious or that I just don't feel like doing (like writing, or working on my app), I find it very hard to consistently motivate myself to sit down and do the work. And when I do sit down and get started, I find it very easy to get distracted and wander off (either physically, like to the kitchen, or to a new website or some other distraction on the computer). Creating a taskmaster who's watching when I'm slacking off and reminding me that I've been away from my project for too long is the most helpful thing I've ever done for my productivity. But I completely get that it won't be for everyone. I genuinely wish I was one of those people who doesn't need such a thing. Thanks again for your feedback and for taking a look!
  7. Thanks Sal. You're not the first person to tell me they can see this in use in a corporate environment. Maybe for the future. It's an exciting prospect. Can I ask what part of the app makes it feel so regimented? Is it having to list all the things you need to do for your project? Or is it the tracking your time with a timer? Or something else?
  8. Hey d, Do you have a link to your website we can check out? I'm not sure ebay is the best place to try getting your initial sales. I use ebay pretty frequently as a buyer (and an occasional seller - it is a fun place to practice your sales writing), but when I go there to buy, I'm going there to buy (not shop), almost always for something specific. It's hard for me to imagine many people turning to ebay when they're in need of lip balm (unless maybe they're looking for a specific brand, or bulk). I think you'll have better luck trying to drive traffic to your site, where you can then sell your visitor on why your lip balm is the one to buy. However you go at it, keep going at it! Keep us posted, and good luck! -Rob
  9. Hey guys, I've been working on an app for some time, called Project Time Machines. My next step is to hire a developer to build it for me. Before I take this step though, I need to get some feedback from prospective users, which I believe could be some of the people in this very room. I've put together a brief (as brief as I can make it) walkthrough of what the app does, posted below. (I realize much of the text on many of the fields is too small to read on the below images. If you like, you can see a larger, live demo HERE, where you can click on each of the fields for more info.) Would you mind having a quick look and let me know if you think this app could be useful for you? And if not, is there anything I could add or change that might make it useful? Any and all thoughts and ideas appreciated. Thanks again for having a look. Love to hear what you think, -Rob
  10. Hi again, Fam, Mission accomplished. My prototype is complete. Well, complete enough where hopefully it's good enough to have fresh eyes take a look at it and maybe offer some opinions. Because I've been looking at this for so long now, I've lost all perspective. So, what I've created here is a prototype for an app called Project Time Machines. It's an app designed to help you complete your projects. If you choose to have a look, please understand, despite this being 2 1/2 years in the works, what you are now seeing is essentially a first draft. None of the features work. I'm sure there are still loads of broken links. It will be largely rewritten. The design in the next (working) version will be completely different. The purpose of this prototype is so I can give it to the people who will be writing, designing and building this app and they will start with a good understand what I'd like accomplished. I'm hoping before I take this next step, I could have you guys take a look and give me my first bit of feedback. Basically, what I'd love to know is: 1. Is it clear who this app is for? 2. Do you understand what the app does and how it works? 3. If you consider yourself to be a target user for this app, do you think you would try it? Any thoughts, opinions, critiques, suggestions, advice is appreciated. If you have either an Android or iPhone, I would really appreciate you installing the prototype as an app from the following link, if you could. I've found the experience to be smoothest and best when it's installed this way. Android Download iOS Download If you don't have a smartphone, or prefer to view it on your computer, you can do so here. Thanks again for starting this challenge. It lit a fire under my arse, and I'm making real progress. Best! -Rob Perry
  11. Hey guys, If the challenge is still going on, I'd like to hop in. I wasn't ready last month, but I am now, as I see my finish line approaching. I'm building an app. I started working on it about 2 1/2 years ago. Phase 1 is to build a working prototype. I think I'm almost done with Phase 1 (hence, this post). Phase 2 is to assemble a team of a writer, a designer and a developer to build my app and post an MVP (minimum viable product) to the marketplace. Phase 3 is whatever happens once my product is out in the world and people are downloading it (or not). Not ready or interested in thinking about Phase 3 yet. The reason I spent so much time on Phase 1 - building my prototype is because I'm slow as shit, and because I want to spend as little time and money as possible on Phase 2 - hiring people and getting the app made. The better I can explain exactly what I want (which took me plenty of time to figure out myself), the smoother things should go. But I know historically how terribly I suck at explaining to people what I want, so I set out to make my prototype to do all the explaining for me. If I've done a good job with the prototype, there should be no question by anyone checking it out who the app is for, what it does, what it should look like or how it will work. So, my goal for this challenge is to have my prototype completed by Sunday, Feb. 19th. I'm going to show it to whoever is willing to have a look (I'll post here where appropriate, and elsewhere) and try to obtain feedback from 20 potential users. I'll use that feedback to polish up the prototype and then beginning March 1, I'll work to find a writer, a designer and a developer. (David, you still out there?) I'd like to set a goal date of April 15, 2017 to have my app available in the marketplace, for all the world to experience. Realistic? No idea. But I'm certainly ready to give it my best shot. See y'all in about a week with something cool to show you.
  12. My mistake. I thought Armada was around first. And you're also right that it's not a cheap game. Unfortunately, I can't blame the kids for putting me in the poor-house with this one (in fact, they bust my chops every time they see me adding a new ship to my fleet.) Amazes me how much money people (who appear to have far less income than I do) pour into this game. Its what first opened my eyes to the marketing potential.
  13. Armada is a very similar game that's been around a little longer than X-wing. But look at the forum popularity of the two games. Not sure why, but X-wing has taken off in a huge way, like no other game in the FFG lineup. This thing is hot and not cooling down anytime soon as far as I believe. The only thing I see cooling down are the opportunities to get in while the gettins good.
  14. I've recently started getting into a semi-new game (been around since 2012) called Star Wars X-Wing. It's a miniatures game - you take little model ships from the Star Wars universe, equip them with a pilot, extra weapons, upgrades and such and have a table-top dogfight. Very strategic, yet easy to get into and lots of fun (if you're into that sort of thing). Very competitive too, as there are regular worldwide store championships, regional championships and "Worlds", which in the community is a pretty big deal. This is a niche game that's gaining a huge, dedicated following. I just went to check out the forum (posted on a page where all of the manufacturer's miniatures games forums reside) and... https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/4-miniatures/ Impressive following for a 5 year old game, no? As a player (or wanna-be player), I see huge opportunities here (some of which are currently being capitalized on, but there's always room for better). The game has lots of little parts, like range rulers, tokens, dice, etc. The ones that come with the core set are made of cardboard. They give out fancy acrylic ones at the big championships. I've seen some nice sets offered on etsy, but like I said, there could be better, or more, or just different. This game is again, very strategic. Lots to learn if you want to get good. You have to learn to build a "List" - a good combination of ships and upgrades. You want a team that will work well together and can compete with other top, popular lists. You have to learn to fly - to outmaneuver and outgun your opponent. You also need to learn to predict what your opponent will do. Lots of chess and poker elements in here. You have to learn to "set up" - choose a strategic starting point and formation and how to place obstacles like asteroids and debris. But there's not a lot of good resources to teach you how to get good. There are several podcasts, but none that focus on the newbie or have a primary focus on how-to or strategy. Generally it's a bunch of nerds giving the play-by-play of some previous matches, or getting themselves wet over the upcoming releases. There are several good articles out there if you look for them, and several really good forum posts, but no stand-out guides or resources on how to play better. These guys appear to be getting it right - https://teamcovenant.com/ - but like I said... I think there's plenty room for more! Anywhoo... I got my hands full at the moment, but if anyone is looking for what sure looks to me like a hungry (and fun!) market, have at it!
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