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Found 1 result

  1. Finally a service that takes all the time, effort, and worry of building a private network out of your hands. I am not going to waste the time explaining what network sites can do to boost your rankings or why you want one. If you are here reading this, you likely already know how beneficial having your own network of sites to build links off of is. Let’s just skip past all the A PBN will shoot your rankings through the sky or into orbit and make you a heap of cash or whatever other catchphrase all the “gurus” are using today. There are many people out there who already fully understand what a private network is, why it works so well, and why they need one, but they are unsure of how to go about building one themselves. Either they are not sure where or how to get the domains, they are not quite certain about how they should build out the site, or they are worried about getting stomped by Google… Or maybe all three are a concern. There are others who know fully well what they are doing, but have found the whole process very time consuming and labor intensive. They just cannot find the time to effectively fit it into their day. Outsourcing has not been an effective solution because private network providers have consistently delivered junk. Either the domains are total garbage or the site design and content ends up being a dead giveaway that the sites exist for the sole purpose of SEO. More on that in a minute. The other option you will find are the public networks where you share sites with a dozen other marketers (or more) on sites just screaming to get de-indexed by Google. I’ve been fine-tuning a solution for the past 18 months that can give marketers the ability to have their own private network without having to do any of the heavy lifting! Spartan Private Networks Why does this solution work where so many others have and continue to fail? I have looked at other services that sell ready built private networks, and the reason their quality is so low is the commitment they make to deliver a certain quantity of network sites. I have been building private networks for about 10 years now, since before anyone was calling them PBN’s, and one thing I have learned over the years is you cannot put an exact figure on what domain acquisition is going to cost. Prices and demand fluctuate as does the availability of quality domains. The availability can greatly fluctuate just from week-to-week. When other network providers promise to deliver X number of new sites for $XXX, what happens when they cannot find enough decent domains to fit into that price or when prices creep upwards? It’s simple. They end up buying lower quality domains to fulfill the order, or they cut corners on the site design and content. What I have designed in this service is different. You will not find an order form listing different packages that offer a certain number of domains for a certain price. Instead, we work with you to come to an agreed upon budget. We offer an estimate of how many domains we can deliver within that budget. While that may scare away some that are accustomed to the traditional method of getting a certain number of domains in their order, this method allows us to deliver network sites without ever compromising on their quality. Not only are we choosing good quality domains for you, but we build network sites that do not scream out to anyone that visits them that these are indeed designed for the sole purpose of improving your rankings. With a little extra work, you could even monetize them if you wanted to. I'm interested. So how does the process work? Simple. First, you fill out the short form below with your name, email address, and telling us a little bit about your niche/target market. None of this information is made public when you fill out that form. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email notification inviting you to a project setup within our project management service known as RedBooth. Inside there we will discuss your project further. We use this method because it keeps our conversation archived and more organized than going back and forth over email. Plus there is no chance of an email not being delivered or going to spam and not being read. In our conversation, it will be determined what budget you are looking to invest in your network. Once the budget is decided upon, you will be given an estimate of how many sites will be delivered for that price. The estimate will be a range. You may get less sites than that. You might get more sites than that. It comes down to availability and prices at that time. Again, we won’t compromise on quality. Once the project is agreed upon, you will be sent an invoice. When that invoice is paid, the work begins in seeking out domains for your network. You will be updated along the way, so you know the status of the project. WE DO NOT SETUP WEB HOSTING When domains are acquired, you will be notified to setup appropriate web hosting for the domain. This just makes the process of transferring the domains to be under your control easier. As soon as possible, all domains will be transferred to you under the registrar of your choice. Some registrar’s do put restrictions on domains acquired in auctions and they cannot be transferred for a period of time. Once that time expires, they will go under your control. You will also be supplied with download confirmations and licensing information for all graphics used on the sites we setup. All of the content is written by my chosen writers, and we handle setting up all appropriate linking. You will be free to make whatever changes you like. To get started, just fill out the form below. Filling out the form does not commit you to a purchase. Loading...
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