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Found 12 results

  1. I took a break from 30 Day Challenges, but they're back! We'll start March 1st. This one is a Product Creation Challenge. It can be any type of product: PDF, video, etc. I'll be working on a new HotSheet freebie as an incentive to join my WritingWAHM.com list. Later in the Challenge you'll have the opportunity to give review copies of your product if you'd like. Who's in?
  2. Hi, all -- Things have been a whirlwind lately, but they are settling down a bit now. I'm starting up the 30 day challenges again in March. Any suggestions for a topic?
  3. Thanks to @Khemosabi for this idea! For November, your challenge is to learn a new skill that will... help you in your business, or help you in general, or is something you've always wanted to learn. Take today and tomorrow to decide what to learn, and then let's hear what you decide and how your progress goes!
  4. Posting this a little early so that you can get your ideas together. A Fresh Start for this Challenge means: starting a brand new project starting a new product taking a fresh look at an older product or project, dusting it off, and starting fresh with a new strategy or perspective I have a hobby site I'm starting, and I want to put some time, energy, and resources into it. What are you going to do?
  5. I'm posting this a few days early because the next two days will be busy for me. Post your progress on whatever projects you have going on. If you want added accountability: post your goals in the first post, then we can gently prod you for updates every week.
  6. I'm posting this a day early because tomorrow may be too busy for me to post. Same theme as June, for the most part, but I like hearing about everyone's projects. My big project this month is to continue on getting elements done for my WAHM site to fully launch it. My goal is to make progress 5 days a week. What's going on with you?
  7. You know how sometimes you get overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done? I know that for me it gets so overwhelming that I have no idea where to start, so I don't do anything. Maybe it's just me, but somehow I don't think so. This month, make some progress every day. Take one day off a week, if you'd like, but for 6 days a week, you make some kind of progress. Put up a blog post, tweak some ads, whatever. But do something. If you want, make a list of 30 things you need to get done, then cross one off each day.
  8. It's almost May, and how many projects are you behind on? How many New Years goals have you slacked on? Does your biz look the way you thought it would when you started the year in January? Do you have 8 piles of unfinished work on your desk? Well, thanks to Khemosabi's suggestion, we have a Challenge this month to help with that! Take this month and get caught up on your projects (or at least the most important ones). What are you going to be working on in May? Make a list and keep accountable!
  9. I'm giving a couple of days' notice for this one before it starts. Most challenges are because I need to work on something and I need a boost. This is no exception. I need to build a niche site to house the book and Hotsheet I'm overhauling/creating. You can create a site for a product you've created or for an affiliate product. Or for lead capture. Whatever suits you.
  10. This is a different type of challenge. Usually my challenges are about creating. This one is about destroying. But wait! Hear me out... A post that HeySal made got me thinking about all of the products (mostly Hotsheets) that were good products when they were created, but they need a LOT of updating. So much has changed! So this challenge is about taking a older product that needs heavy restructuring, tearing it apart, and making it useful/profitable again. OR if you have a PLR product that's been sitting on your hard drive, dust it off and work on it. You can also take a product and repurpose it. Maybe a report needs to be turned into video, or a blog post expanded into an e-book. Have fun! Post about your projects!
  11. This will start on January 1st (or 2nd, whatevs. ). January's 30 Day Challenge will be a Product Creation Challenge. It can be a PDF, physical book, e-book, videos, or whatever you'd like. It can be something for sale, or it can be a freebie to build a list. I'm going to post my thoughts/mind-map-ish-type stuff/process, and I encourage you to do the same. I'll also be posting how much time I put into the project. Be sure to schedule Rest Days (I try to have at least 4 in a month.) Now, to give you a hint about what you might want to create, here is a peek at February's Challenge: networking. So, you might create a product and then use February to find affiliates. Or you might create a book to use as a door opener for small businesses. Or you might look for a freebie that other people can give away to their list to help you build yours. I'm looking forward to seeing what you all do.
  12. I'd love to have a different challenge every month. I proposed having 30 day challenges before, but was trying to settle in my new home/city, so life got in the way. I don't think I will be having more challenges in the Other Place. I think I'd like to keep them here. January's 30 Day Challenge will be Product Creation. If you're new, might be a good way to ask questions and learn stuff. For non-newbies, might be a good way to have some accountability and "nudging" to get it done. I'll post the 30 Day Challenge Thread on Jan. 1, if anyone is interested. Just reply here or like this post to let me know you'd be interested.
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