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Found 4 results

  1. I own a local garage door company. For 8 years, I’ve run an Adwords account. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that Google is not really concerned with invalid clicks and that my ad dollars would be better used in SEO or another paid ad source. I hired a company last year to manage my account. I was watching lead counts, but I got lazy and stopped reviewing all of the calls. To close out my year, I reviewed all of the calls. To my surprise, about 80% of the calls to my ad extensions were robo calls. I changed all of my ads to call only. In 15 minutes, I had 2 calls in the same minute that lasted zero seconds. I called the number back and they came from a call center or dialer. The 2 clicks cost me almost $30. I called Google and asked them to review the issue. They did nothing. Its not much of a loss to close the account. I’ve gotten one lead this month. There is no way this is not fraud. I got only 5 organic visits in my metro area today and I got 3 leads. Monday, I got 17 local organic visits and 6 leads. This account used to do well. Now, there is no way I’m getting hundreds of targeted “real” visitors a month and only converting 1. I need to find an alternative.
  2. Hi there Spartan community. I'm looking for recommendations or candidates who've managed adwords campaigns for B2B software clients in the past. Bonus points for anyone with knowledge of media/advertising/adtech industry. This would be an ongoing gig managing PPC campaigns, not just a one time project. About Us/Our Current PPC Status: Currently an agency manages our SEM campaigns, but I'm finding that indy contractors (we use one for SEO, and she's amazing) just have a little more passion and treat our biz like its their own, and that's what we need right now. Our AdWords spend has been in the ballpark of $3k-5k for a few years, but we're a bit stagnant and need a stellar ppc expert to help us see more ROI on this channel. This is a great gig for the right person - our spend could go higher with better ROI. We're an established brand with a great rep and name recognition across the US (and an expanding UK presence), and given the fact that our product provides information that thousands of sales people are looking for via search engines on a daily basis - there's a lot to work with and great potential. BUT like I said you have to know the audience and the industry a little. The Right Experience: Past experience with clients like us will make the difference here - we're a B2B sales intelligence platform that caters to media sellers/agencies/adtech firms. It takes a little institutional knowledge and background to understand which keywords and strategies will work - to grasp who our target market is the searches they do. Our partners have relied on us to supply that knowledge, but I'd really like to work with someone who can get ramped up on the basics and then be the expert - someone who will come to us with new ideas for keywords and campaigns on their own, someone who is innovative and who is driven to generate sales revenue, not just clicks. If this sounds like you or someone you know, please respond to this. Thank you!
  3. I have an article that will be published tomorrow on my site that discusses Quality Score in Google AdWords. It was prompted by a consultation I recently did with a business spending thousands per month on AdWords, and the team in charge of their campaign did not understand how Quality Score impacted their ad positioning and cost per click. I put together this simple chart to explain it, and figured others might benefit from it too. For those not familiar with Ad Rank, the higher your Ad Rank, the better ad position you get. Quality Score is given on a range of 1-10. Google developed it as a way to level the playing field a little bit. Instead of AdWords just being a straight auction, they made it a little more complicated to give smaller advertisers a chance to compete with companies that have deeper pockets.
  4. Facebook ads is easy to manage and you can get a decent targeted like for ~$.35 in cities like Dallas, Houston, etc where competition is ridiculous. I don't like Facebook - or social media in general, really - but I still use this ad network because my clients like likes and I like likes that may actually convert. Google Adwords I just started and while I love only spending ~$6.50 per day to get hundreds of impressions it doesn't seem to be cutting it. I don't want to up my daily budget or bids, and I don't think the ROI will even be there because the big timers have much deeper pockets. However, I will say that page #1 is a breeze and done in 5 minutes with AdWords. Something not the case with SEO. Bing Ads. Google joke?
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