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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, thanks in advance for any help. One of my pages saw a pretty severe rankings drop recently, and it hasn't bounced back. It didn't effect any other page. This was one of my community pages for my local service company. The only thing that changed was I built some links for this page through an outreach service. I've used them in the past with no issues. Is there any real way to tell which link it might be? I checked my webmaster tools and I don't see a penalty.
  2. How accurately can javascript pinpoint a visitors location to display localized content only? I am (attempting to) build a network of sites which require a certain measure of accuracy concerning specific cities. The goal is to use one URL to target multiple states within the US, or drill down to specific cities or regions within a state. I've read up on some providers like Geolify, but I question if using a visitors I.P. will accurately pinpoint their location? I know my phone service provider here in Florida shows me logging into WordPress from Tallahassee to Fort Lauderdale, is there a more SEO friendly and accurate way to have the content show for the city a visitor is browsing from? Then, I question VPN services, clearly someone from Malaysia could appear to be in Michigan... So does any know the most accurate way to set up one site in multiple cities and/or states where the content only shows relevant content to that region? Lastly, I am looking to target approximatately 10 states on average per URL. Would it be better to just buy 10 domains and build each around that region? Or Should I create a sub domain for each city/state I am targeting? (Thinking this ^^^ is probably the best solution.) I plan to do a ton of on-page SEO and start building links... But can a script accurately manage multiple cities and states and still maintain SEO values for organic searches?
  3. Hi, I recently came across a powerful injury lawyer's website: wilshirelawfirm.com. I noticed he purchased virtual office addresses in each high-volume city in California. I'm guessing that he placed each virtual address to various local listing websites and has citations for each city-specific page. This is working out somewhat well for the lawyer, as he ranks highly for searches outside of his office's HQ in Los Angeles. My question: If I have a national business, could I do the same by buying virtual offices in the high-volume states and using local citations to drive traffic to those state-specific pages? For example: mywebsite.com/locations/california mywebsite.com/locations/texas Thank you, I really enjoy this forum and looking to contribute moving forward.
  4. To be niche or not to be niche... That's the question on my mind right now. I've heard of people being very successful with setting up an SEO agency only targeting a specific type of customer... Whether it be Dentists, Hypnotherapists or Lawyers etc. The thing is, these niches seem so crowded with marketing companies offering SEO that it looks just as competitive as setting up a more general SEO agency. I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this... whether only targeting a specific niche is the way to go for SEO. The thing that I'm thinking about is how to turn an SEO service into a more competitive product that destroys the competition who simply focus on lowering prices and competing in a red ocean marketplace. Is adding extra value to SEO packages and creating a more unique USP the future of competing in the crowded SEO industry... Creating a blue ocean without competitors. Let me know your thoughts. Isaac
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