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Found 19 results

  1. Hello Friends... i want to know Is social media marketing better for B2C or B2B businesses?
  2. Plz, suggest me some high-quality blog submission sites.
  3. Hello everyone, I am looking for someone to take a look at my website and provide some feedback and a plan to regain the losses that I've suffered in organic traffic. I have a pending sale of one of my websites, and I would like to use this money to create a more powerful website for my core business. I would like to start with a call. On the call, I would like to explain my challenges and some of the bright spots where I am getting traction. After the call, I would need a plan of action spelled out. I may not have the ability to carry out the plan, so a proposal for work to be completed or a referral would be appreciated. I fully expect to pay for your time on the call, and for the analysis of the site. The ideal person for this would be someone that is an expert in link building or PBNs.
  4. Would anyone be interested in being taught search engine optimization, learning how to rank a site from start to finish?
  5. How can I find out if any given WordPress Template available might have Javascript issues that might impede SEO when it comes to menus and links? As I understand it, some out-of-the-box solutions are not excellent, professional choices for people who want to leverage Internet marketing. Also, is it true that some templates' use of Javascript can actually get in the way of site indexation? Thank you!
  6. Hi there, I'm new to the forum. So I am looking for a graphic web designer (GWD) for a niche market for my client (in the US), and all of the GWDs I've found that have the features we want are located in the UK. The way they have things set up for their CMS is that you have to host it with them. I didn't think of it until just now that if we host his site on their UK server, this will hinder the SEO of his site, right? Thanks
  7. I want to build a site with a lot of content, maybe about 100k posts. What is the best way to get them to rank well in Google? Do I have to build up my domain/page authority to my domain name, build backlinks to my domain name or something else? Thanks
  8. This is a side business I run. I just got a new site... www.sifient.com thoughts...
  9. Fresh off a post on Reddit's SEO sub, I asked if sending backlinks to a client's Facebook page will push that page up the SERPS for the given keyword or anything similar. My thought was that it wouldn't since FB has zillions of links to and fro and shooting backlinks at an inner page on the FB behemoth would be a waste of time. However... I was told by more than a few people that this DOES work and IT WILL help the client's site rank higher vs sending links to their main website which is nowhere near the authority of FB. The idea is that as long as the FB page is info-packed, appealing, has a call to action and users can clearly head on through to the main site, then the biz owner gets customers either way. Of course, the client's main website better be bangin' once they get there. Anyone here have an opinion either way? If it does work, wouldn't a Twitter and FB page be the perfect Tier 1 sites to send links to?
  10. Okay - I've seen a lot about email marketing, questions about SEO, questions about email marketing -- and here's a method I used that worked for me and may work for you. It might be better in some niches than others - but just an idea for you to mill over. I used to do a newsletter that was rated very highly in my field. I never used email for the letter itself. I put it online and the email list was of people who subscribed and the email itself consisted of a notification that a new newsletter was up and a link to it. The newsletter was public view and included links to products and other features of my site but had really good info for my viewers. So - the newsletter actually vamped up my SEO quite healthily. The email list still would see the adverts listed in the newsletter - but so would general viewers. I felt this method killed two birds with one stone for me. I know that letter got a lot of views. A lot. I put a lot of research and interview time into those letters so they were above quality of most email newsletters you see. I have an archive of them now with all the advert links and "other site feature" links taken out as I am redesigning the site and don't have the old salespages and products now, but the letters themselves are still archived for SEO and reading for viewers. This method helped me avoid any of the email, and some of the SEO issue questions that I see floating around. Just thought I'd toss this out there. As I said - it worked really well for me. Can't guarantee it will fit your purposes. Just an idea for you.
  11. Hello SEO guys, From last few weeks, I am facing a unusual problem in my search console. Google showing 404 errors from very old urls [changed and updated several times]. After marking them fixed, when I re-crawled my links they are showing again and again. Somebody has any idea why this is happening and how to get rid from this problem ?
  12. Hey everyone, I am looking to expand my marketing aspects in my entrepreneurship work I have. I need to be able to grab attention of audience. I was wondering how can I sell my MLM company and some startups I am trying to spread the work and bring customers on board? Can Someone help me?
  13. Hi All, Alright, I'm not sure if this is the appropriate thread for such an inquiry, but I am all but lost having spent all morning getting Google Speed API set up in WP dash, Google Analytics, XML Sitemap, and doing my best to reduce 'load times' and increase my sites SEO scores and be as compliant as humanely possible in Google search. I know some about crafting on-page SEO in my articles/posts but, this is the first time I have gotten this deep in getting my site set up right. (or at least decently for SEO) If I test my site in my browser as site:http://awesomeplr.com it shows some of my pages, but none of my posts or blog entries seem to be indexed? (not sure if it just hasn't crawled yet, or I f'ed something up?) Also, I am using the w3tc WP plugin and was able to bring my "Remove query strings from static resources" score from an 'F' to an 'A' according to my Pingdom score. However, everything I've found to minimize and reduce "leverage browser cache" seems to require me accessing my.htaccess on my server and tweaking a ton of code. Is there an easier way to do this, other than through the htaccess files? I see tutorials showing 'how to' extend certain image cache, etc. to 1 year tweaking the htaccess files... but, is there an easier way to fix this without screwing with the ETag or by screwing around with my htaccess files and having to rewrite the script/code? (*I really don't trust myself diddle farting around in those files yet, lol) For the record, I did add some heavy image files to my uploads - I am using Optimize Press 2 theme, and I am playing with a free CSS-Hero animator plugin to add some mild css effects, so while I imagine this will delay load times a lil' bit, I can live with that...for now as long as it doesn't severely reduce page load times. I really just want to get a system down for starting up new WP sites, whereby I can keep them somewhat light, fast, and keep a A or high B SEO score, speed, and create myself a checklist each time I do a new installation of WP. -So, it doesn't take all day sorting this shit out, like today! The BIG question is getting that "leverage browser cache" issue resolved... as an "F" is unacceptable. Any advice is greatly appreciated, I obviously still have a lot to learn concerning the load speeds and the best SEO practices for keeping Google happy. Oh, and lastly... as of right now... I'm not even seeing my site being indexed in my webmaster's console...but, I've verified the site, analytics is working, installed a xml sitemap, and I still feel to be missing important something here. Any advice is greatly appreciated, Thanks... Art
  14. This is a Windows desktop app that checks a list of backlink URLs to verify the backlinks still exist today. A lot of times when you download a backlink profile from sites like ahrefs, moz, etc... their list can be outdated since they don't crawl your entire backlink profile every single day. Their backlink list can easily be outdated by a month. Check your own backlink profile or a clients backlink profile as often as needed. NOTE: Do note use this app for checking multiple backlinks from one domain.
  15. NEW to the site thought I would introduce a little. I have been out of the SEO world for quite a while (busy completing my studies). Will be starting job soon and I will definitely have some cash to invest. Earlier, I'd say two-three years ago. I tested PBN. I bought around 8 domains through godaddy auctions after researching them through expireddomains.net / majestic for backlinks. I kind of relied on the Page rank system, eventhough it was DEAD (non-updated) as it is today (non-existent), but it still gave me an idea what domains to go after and research more and do a backlink check. Plus, also did some Legit Guest posting on Real Active niche sites and other Link building such as getting on niche blogroll lists. It did work My website ranked for around 4-5 keywords (very closely related - ~2500 Monthly Search each) going up to 1st page around 5th position and to this day it is still ranking around 10-15 position on Google.com (US) My question is two fold: (1) are there any other ways (efficient, reliable, good ) to finding expired domains beside using sites like expireddomains OR domcop? If there is, Is it TOP secret? (2) If you did find some domains, How would you approach on figuring out if the sites are worth much and are they authoritative. What metrics should I be looking at.
  16. I have a site in the legal services niche. I started the website without a silo and I'm thinking about re-structuring the site with a silo. I have a few concerns about doing this. Namely the following: Is there any risk of dilution? Would changing URLs harm each page indefinitely due to re-indexing by google? Thanks
  17. Hi, I recently came across a powerful injury lawyer's website: wilshirelawfirm.com. I noticed he purchased virtual office addresses in each high-volume city in California. I'm guessing that he placed each virtual address to various local listing websites and has citations for each city-specific page. This is working out somewhat well for the lawyer, as he ranks highly for searches outside of his office's HQ in Los Angeles. My question: If I have a national business, could I do the same by buying virtual offices in the high-volume states and using local citations to drive traffic to those state-specific pages? For example: mywebsite.com/locations/california mywebsite.com/locations/texas Thank you, I really enjoy this forum and looking to contribute moving forward.
  18. Just curious if anyone else works primarily - not 100% of the time - with doctors, hospitals, etc? If you do, let's discuss stuff.
  19. To be niche or not to be niche... That's the question on my mind right now. I've heard of people being very successful with setting up an SEO agency only targeting a specific type of customer... Whether it be Dentists, Hypnotherapists or Lawyers etc. The thing is, these niches seem so crowded with marketing companies offering SEO that it looks just as competitive as setting up a more general SEO agency. I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this... whether only targeting a specific niche is the way to go for SEO. The thing that I'm thinking about is how to turn an SEO service into a more competitive product that destroys the competition who simply focus on lowering prices and competing in a red ocean marketplace. Is adding extra value to SEO packages and creating a more unique USP the future of competing in the crowded SEO industry... Creating a blue ocean without competitors. Let me know your thoughts. Isaac
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