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David Beroff

[CLOSED] MY Voice on YOUR Video, 90% off, Very Limited Offer!

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[This offer is now closed.  You're of course still free to purchase my services at my normal pricing, which is about ten times that of the offer below.]


I provide voiceover services, where my clear, deep, American male voice is paired with explainer videos, commercials, educational presentations, telephone recordings, video game characters, and NSFW audiobooks. ;)


As an example, here's one of my recent Upwork clients' videos:

I've done pretty well selling my voice acting services on Upwork for over a year, and now I'm expanding to a second digital marketplace, PeoplePerHour, ("PPH").

Like most of these online intermediaries, one's reputation is based on one's prior work there, but it's tough to get work until one builds reputation. :D  To counter this, one has to Entice with Price, and so that's exactly what I'm doing.

For a very limited time, I am offering to record 1,000 words, normally US$100, for only US$10, a 90% savings!  (Just to put this in perspective, this equates to my working for only $3/hour or so.)

To take advantage of this insane offer, simply follow these three easy steps:


1. Post below to claim your spot.


2. If you don't already have a PPH account, sign up now.  (Yes, that's an affiliate link, and it should get you an additional 5% discount off of your first order.)


3. Order (at least) my 1,000 word package.


This offer is limited to the first three Spartans to post here.  (Is that what we're called here, "Spartans"?)  I may allow more, based on how things go with my PPH reputation score, but am only guaranteeing this to the first three.  Act fast!

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Web Hosting

Hi David!


Can I purchase this for a different offer? I have this fantastic voice over for my google voice and need someone who can load up a clean recording to the account.


I can give you login information as I transferred the number to a clean gmail account that you are safe to go into. :)


If this service would be more money, just let me know.

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