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Mike Friedman

Spartan Special Offers Rules

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The Spartan Special Offers (SSO) section is designed to be a marketplace where members can get special deals on internet marketing products and services. The sellers have purchased the right to create a thread advertising their product or service.

All SSO rules and the approval of each SSO is subject to moderator’s discretion. If a moderator decides that an offer does not comply with the rules or is in any other way deemed not appropriate for the SSO Marketplace, the seller’s offer will be rejected.

If an offer is rejected at initial review, the seller will be refunded their listing fee. If a seller is later deemed to be out of compliance with the rules, no refunds will be offered. It is up to the seller to ensure they are complying with the rules.

An approval for a listing by the administrative staff of Spartan Marketing Academy in no way is an endorsement of any products or services sold within the SSO Marketplace. Approval of a listing just signifies that as far as can be determined, the seller’s offer is within the rules outlined here. It is recommended that buyers do their own due diligence before making a purchase.

SSO Seller Rules

1) Special Offers Only. This is not a general marketplace. The idea of this marketplace is to provide special offers the community.

To list your offer in the SSO Marketplace, you must provide a special offer or deal that is not readily available to the general public. The special offer can be discount pricing or exclusive bonuses.

If you have made the same offer available on another similar marketplace, that is fine. You will be asked to provide proof that you normally sell the offer at a higher price and/or without the exclusive bonuses by providing the URL where the product or service is traditionally available.

2) Free Offers. If you have something you want to offer for free, this will be allowed, but the listing fee will still need to be paid. Free offers are excluded from the "Special Offer" requirement.

3) Service Offers. Service offers are allowed, but again, they must comply with rule #1. If a seller does custom quote pricing for their service, then it would not be allowed. There must be set pricing so that it can be confirmed that this is indeed a special offer.

4) Legal Compliance. All SSO’s must comply with existing forum rules, the laws of the United States of America, and the laws of the geographic location in which the seller resides.

Legal compliance is the responsibility of the seller.

5) Disallowed Services and Products. The following services and products may not be sold here:

  • Forum Posting Tools
  • Classified Ad Posters
  • Cookie Stuffing Scripts
  • Email Harvesters
  • Any product or service that facilitates the sending of unsolicited bulk message via social networks, Skype, email, or other private message systems.

6) Deceptive Sales Tactics. Using deceptive sales tactics such as false scarcity is not permitted. Outright scams will not be tolerated under any conditions.

7) Moderation and Approval. All offers must be approved by a member of the administrative staff of Spartan Marketing Academy prior to being sold in the SSO Marketplace.

If an offer is approved, the seller will receive a private message that it has been approved. The seller must acknowledge the approval, and then the staff member will make the sales thread live upon receiving the acknowledgment.

If an offer is rejected, a private message will be sent to the seller to notify them of the rejection with the reason for the rejection. The seller will be given the opportunity to adjust their offer to comply with the rules or they may request a refund and withdrawal their offer at that point.

Offers will normally be reviewed within 24 hours. If a submission has not been reviewed within 24 hours, you may post a ticket to the help desk here.

We will not make accommodations to make sales threads live at specific times or on specific dates.

8) No Special Characters in Thread Titles. Letters a-z, numbers 0-9, and the special symbols !,?,# are the only characters allowed in your thread title.

9) Paid Testimonials Are Not Allowed. Testimonials from anyone who has or will receive payment or incentives in exchange for their review will not be permitted. This includes bonuses or any kind of commission in exchange for a review.

Review copies can be offered, but the review must clearly state they were provided with a review copy of the offer.

10) Off-site Reviews. If off-site reviews are referenced, the seller must clearly note the reviews as such.

11) Selling Email Lists and Leads. Sellers are not permitted to sell, trade, or otherwise give out email addresses of their SSO customers.

12) Duplicate Offers Are Not Permitted. A seller cannot post duplicate offers in more than one sales thread. This includes nearly identical offers.

13) Buy Buttons Must Be Available. There must be a buy button present on your offer that takes users directly to a checkout. The buy button cannot take users to an opt-in page.

14) Forced Email Opt-Ins. Sellers must not force email opt-ins from customers in order for customers to continually access their purchase. A request can be made to subscribe to a mailing list, but buyers must be given the option to opt out of doing so and still be able to access the purchase.

15) Harassment. Any form of harassment from sellers to Spartan members including personal attacks, spam, bullying, or blackmail will not be tolerated.

16) Blind Ads Are Not Permitted. A blind ad is an ad that lists what an offer is not, but not what an offer is. Buyers should have a clear idea of what it is they are buying.

17) Guarantees and/or Refunds. Sellers do not need to have a guarantee or refund policy in place in order to list an offer. However, if they do have one, it must be clearly stated in the first post of their thread. If evidence is provided that a seller is not complying with their stated refund policy, the seller will have their offer pulled and may be banned permanently.

18) Spartan Logos and Branding. Sellers may not use any Spartan logos or branding in their sales copy.

19) Seller Support. Sellers must provide a reliable method for buyers to contact them that does not rely on the forum. It can be in the form of a dedicated email address, a support desk, or a phone support telephone number. The details should be posted in either the first or second post of the offer thread.

20) Bumping Threads. Sellers should not intentionally bump their threads. When answering questions, use the 'multiquote' button as often as possible to answer as many questions as possible in one post. If a seller is found to be regularly posting in their offer thread for the sole purpose of bumping their thread, the offer will be pulled.


The listing fee for SSO's is $10. For the first month members of the Spartan Inner Circle and Spartan Private Forum will be able to post free listings.

Creating a Listing

1) Purchase a listing here.

2) After completing the purchase, you will see a new sub-forum in the Marketplace section titled "Spartan Special Offers Test forum".

This is where you will be able to post your sales thread before it goes live.

3) Create your sales thread, making sure it complies with all of the above rules. You can use any formatting that the forum platform allows.

4) Reserve the first and second posts after the initial sales post. The first post is for you if you wish to use it for a FAQ or any other information that you wish to add later. The second post will be deleted before the thread goes live, but will be for our use. You must post the following information in the second post:

  • Unless it is a free offer, you must provide a link to show where your offer is sold at a higher price or without the exclusive bonuses. In other words, provide proof that this is indeed a "special" offer.
  • Provide details on how you will handle support requests. This must be included in the initial sales post or the first post after it as well.

5) Once complete and you feel your offer is ready to go live, send a Private Message to Ashley indicating your offer listing is complete and ready for review. For faster processing, title your PM "Ready To Go Live". Be sure to include the link to your created offer thread.

6) After the listing has been reviewed, you will receive a response indicating that it is approved or disapproved. If the offer is approved we ask that you acknowledge the approval and indicate that you are ready to go live. The thread will then go live.

SSO Buyer Rules

1) Reporting Fraudulent Offers. If a product or service is not delivered as advertised or the seller does not honor a posted refund policy, buyers should report the issue using the Report tool on the forum thread or by contacting the Helpdesk. Buyers should ensure that their report contains all relevant details for us to look into the claim. If using the Helpdesk, include the thread URL and the seller’s username.

The forum is in no way a part of the transaction between a seller and a buyer. We do not have the ability to force a seller into an action. Our actions are limited to removing or restricting access to a sales thread where the seller is breaking the posted rules and possibly banning the seller.

2) Reviewing an Offer. Buyers may post one review in the sales thread for any SSO that they have purchased. Reviews should be honest and factual.

  • Personal attacks and unproven accusations will not be tolerated.
  • Reviews must be of the offer, not the seller or other offers the seller may have had.
  • If the buyer is an affiliate of the offer or received a review copy of it, they must state this in the review.
  • Buyers may list the OTO’s associated with the offer as part of your review. Do not argue about the OTO’s or debate the process.
  • Multiple reviews within a sales thread will not be tolerated unless new information is provided. For example, if a buyer bought a piece of software and left an initial review, but 6 months later it does not work anymore and the seller has stopped supporting it, that would be grounds for posting again.

3) Resolving Issues. In all cases, buyers should make every attempt to resolve any issues that arise with the sellers privately. Give the seller ample time to look into the issue and attempt to fix it before reporting the issue to the staff here.

If the issue remains unresolved, buyers may report the issue and offer for our staff to investigate.

Buyers should also remember that by purchasing an offer, you may also review the offer in the seller’s thread and relay your experience.

4) Refunds. If a seller offers a refund policy, this will be stated on the first or second post of their sales thread. If no refund policy is stated, buyers should assume that all sales are final and that they will not be eligible for a refund.

If a buyer wishes to request a refund, they should do so privately through the seller’s designated support contact information. A refund request should only be made in the seller’s sales thread if no response is received through their support contact after 3 business days.

If a seller refuses to honor their stated refund policy, please report it to the moderators.

5) Questions. Buyers are entitled to ask questions about the offer within the offer thread. Members should not engage in personal attacks or running feuds in a sales thread.

6) No File Sharing. If a buyer has purchased an offer or received a review copy of an offer, the buyer is not permitted to reproduce or sell the product, or part thereof, without the seller’s explicit consent.

7) Review Copies. Please do not request review copies publicly or privately.

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