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Jack Ma creates a mini-firestorm

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Comment a little more about it, will you please?


These kinds of posts irritate me. Like a small boy throwing a firecracker into a schoolroom of quiet students, and running off.


What do you think about it? What do you have to share about it? I'd like to know more than just "Here's a link! Buh-Bye!"

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Hey Jason, how are you? It's me Nick aka social


Yeah, fair point... I should post comments so here goes nothing:


Ma's comment was surprising because it is succinct.If you think about it, it's symbolic and in an unintended way extremely insulting.Ma implies "Western brands means almost nothing. You're being hustled".It also implies that parity with the West is happening at a faster pace then we let on in popular discourse.


Of course, the argument is more expansive but it was interesting precisely because it curtly summarized the situation in a way that that did not make it a political diatribe.


On the WF, there`s a dislike for foreigners and indians in particular.I think the characterization is unfair largely because of image of the indian call centre rep.Truth is, from what I gather locally 

a lot of engineering firms in Montreal only have a skeleton crew in the city and the rest is outsourced to China and India. In the word of one engineer I know "they are just as good as us".


You know. Career-wise, I really did take your advice to heart and took a very very long term view (as in 30 years + view). No kidding, I spent a lot of time thinking about it.


In the path I'm on (I returned to school in mathematics, ---why is a long story so I'll just omit it for now),some consultants take inspiration from popular sources and for good reason:everyone is hyper-specialized so it's often hard to see the forest for the trees.This kind of "bird's eye view" brainstorming outside of one's own field is not only helpful, it is crucial. Even if it doesn't have immediate actionable consequences, it opens other venues of enquiry.


I didn't comment because it's a can of worms, no one really knows what's going to happen. The repercussions for one may be different for another (or non-existent altogether).  The forum was fairly inactive so I posted it in the hope that it elicits questions in other people.

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