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Amazon Add To Cart Affiliate Link Vs Regular Amazon Affiliate Link

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Alright brief explanation for what the title means for any here reading that don't know.


I'll bold the questions for anyone who is available to answer these questions.


You can set up an amazon affiliate link that where the user clicks on the link, then it takes the user over to Amazon to the add to cart page for that product.


The benefits of this are when a person adds the item to the cart the Amazon affiliate cookie stays live for 90 days rather than the 24 hr period.


  • Does the 90 day(not 24hr) affiliate cookie work for other purchases for 90 days if the person doesn't buy the item they clicked on through my site but decides to buy something not related 2 weeks down the road like the 24 hr regular affiliate cookie does?

Found the answer to the question above. The click through add to cart button ads the 24 hour cookie and a 90 day cookie. The 90 day cookie is only applied to that specific product though.


        -I've read so many back and forth answers with this across multiple searches.


Now when I read about the extended 90 day cookie I figured this was a no brainer but looking closer at it this might be something that deters more people from buying.


Reason being when someone clicks over to Amazon with a regular link it just takes them to the product which allows them view the product but also if they decide to not buy it they are then able to shop around on Amazon which is where that 24 hour cookie comes into play.


I know for myself when I click a link it's usually to get more info on the item before I buy, with the add to cart 90 day link it throws the add this product to cart immediately in the person face which I'm thinking may actually be causing people to just back out because they are not ready to buy anything yet.


  • What are your thoughts and has anyone ever done any A/B testing with this or know of any resources that have?


Final Thoughts


I'm trying to do some testing myself with this but wanted to pick the brain of some of your that may have already been down this path to possible save me from losing money while playing around with this.


Also as far as I know this isn't against Amazons TOS from everything I've read. This option is included in many amazon based plugins.

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I think a lot of it depends on what your link tells people.


If the link says "buy now", and they click on it, they are likely expecting some sort of cart or checkout.


If it says, "click for more information" or just has something like the product name, but it takes them to a cart, they will be less likely to buy.


There is definitely plusses and minuses to both the 90-day cookie and the 24-hour option.

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I swapped over to the normal link for the time being to test out how it works. Will update this later for anyone who're interested.

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