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Jason K

[CLOSED] Mindset: Professional Edition LITE!

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"If You're Comfortable Making $500 Sales...But Struggle To Make Sales of $1000 Or More...


...the problem isn't your sales technique. It's your mindset.
You don't BELIEVE you can make the $1000 sale.
You think $1000 is A LOT OF MONEY.
That's what truly stops you--Your Mindset, not how you sell.

I train people how to sell, and it's a fact: no matter how good your skill set or toolkit is, if you don't believe you can make it work, you'll never even try using it.


If you dream, fantasize, but never actually reach out to a prospective customer...it's your mindset.
And I'm here to give you that Mindset upgrade you probably didn't even know you needed.
Imagine what you could do with an extra $1,000 a month.
From what I understand, a lot of people are struggling. They're thinking $2,000 a month is "a lot of money," but they're barely scraping by.
And the kind of customers they're attracting for these bargain basement rates are too demanding, want the moon, throw all responsibility for the project back to you, and just plain aren't exciting or fun to work for.
I understand now that $297 for a full program is just too much for someone making $1,000 to $2,000 a month: that represents a huge portion of their revenue.
However, if you're stuck in the "magic beans" mentality, there's nothing anyone can do for you. Until you grow out of that mindset, you'll always be stuck at the low level.
Professionals know that Mindset is The #1 Priority of their day: the need to keep positive, not get beaten up by events (why do you think so many pro marketers have someone else screen their emails so they don't see lame refund requests?), and most importantly keep their eye on the prize, which is the target market and revenue they truly need to be working with.
So what I want to do here is give another opportunity for you to get the Mindset upgrade that is the real source of improvement for your results.
If you don't know me and don't know my value, you may as well leave now because I'm not going to go into some long-winded sales pitch.
The fact is, if you're struggling the thing that is stopping you cold is your mindset.
Think about it: if you think of yourself as the janitor, are you going to approach the CEO? No!
You'll beat yourself before you start.
But what if you begin visualizing yourself as a fellow CEO? Now talking to another top dog is easy--it's a natural fit, OF COURSE you should be speaking!
Look--I know what it's like to scrape by. I've had my ups and downs. And along that way, the thing that changed was my mindset.
When I was broke, it was because I believed I was broke. I felt I had nothing to offer, so I didn't do the things I needed to do (like contact decision makers) to get the revenue I wished I had.
When I performed better, it was because I knew I had tons of value to share. And so I naturally reached out to those who I could help, and they paid me well to help them.
And when I made even more money, it was because I realized I needed to get out of the trap of playing a game I knew well and was so familiar with, I could run it like clockwork--but it kept me trapped at a certain income level for years.
It's the true secret that changes your life.


Are you having trouble taking action? This is the fix you need!
So here's what I propose:
Since either a 4-week commitment or a $297 price tag is beyond the reach of most people here, I'm going to shake things up.
We'll do a two-hour coaching call instead.
In that call, which will be recorded and I'll share with you after, I'll give you everything I can about how to uncover, identify, and change those key factors of your mindset so that you can make the upgrade yourself to the Professional Edition.
At the end of the call, I'll open a few spots up for those who want to get my help 1-on-1 and continue on to work with me on a more in-depth and personal level. But if you don't want to do that, you don't have to.
Anyone who has been on a coaching call with me before knows I don't hold anything back.
I'm not predicting a huge turnout. This isn't for me to make money--a couple hundred bucks makes absolutely zero difference to me. I'm interested in changing the lives of a few fortunate people who can give me a couple hours of their time.
Will you be one of those lucky people?
I'm dropping the price to just $67, a level I think you can live with.

Remember, this is a tax-deductible expense: buy your seat, and then take your receipt to your accountant.


And with the transformation you can achieve by changing your mindset with the information I'm about to share with you, why shouldn't you be able to make an extra $1,000 a month...or more?
Sign up here, and I'll send you the booking info:


P.S. Normally for a coaching call with me over the years it has been $250 - $297 to start. This is an incredible discount.


But if you're still wanting magic beans or magic software to "do it for you," then this just isn't for you.


I'm here to help a handful of people who recognize that Mindset is the biggest barrier to--and the biggest opportunity for--their personal success.



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I've had the pleasure of speaking with Jason before. 


This is a man that not only cares about your success, he puts his own reputation into it.  He completely understands the level you're at, no matter where it is, and works with you to go further and get out of the stuck mode you're in! 


Jason has so much to offer!  He's been there, done that and he figured it out!  He understands.  He really knows the confusion you feel, the frustration of being stuck, and knows that one of your biggest walls you feel are stopping you, is your mindset! 


I just got back into offline after taking a "forced" vacation.  I had to rid my head of the clutter I had allowed to gather there.  The "I can't do this" was killing me and my business! 


If you want a clear path to success in the offline world, one that isn't cluttered, I can only think of a very few who I would trust with my future.  Jason is one of them. 


~ Theresa

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Looks interesting. I agree having the proper mindset is a key factor, as the mental preparation plays a big part in success. Anyone who tries to skip that step is flying blind and without any direction... how can you know your destination without preparations?

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