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Ideas to Make More From Your Emails

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We're probably all seen the common Internet Marketers email list where offers are made promoting recent product releases.


Here's two mistakes I see that cause people to leave money on the table:


1. Only relying on the broadcast feature of the email service and not maximizing use of the autoresponder feature.


2. Not sending multiple messages about a product.


Here is what often happens:


Message #1 promotes the new release of product A

Message #2 promotes the new release of product B

Message #3 promotes the new release of product C




The problem with a broadcast message is anyone later added to your list never sees the prior promotions of products A, B, and C.


Assume promoting Product B makes you a lot of money. 


What I suggest you do is add a message to your autoresponder so everyone signing up to your list gets a promotion for Product B.  You can add a 2nd followup message about Product B to be sent a week later.


This way you are using your typical broadcast messages about new releases to find out which products your list is most responsive to.  You use that data to add an autoresponder message that everyone who ever signs up for your list gets.


With this method you eventually get a long list of sequential autoresponder messages for the best and most profitable products that make you money on autopilot.



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I've found that Andre Chaperon and Daniel Levi's are mechanically engineered copywriting geniuses when it comes to emails and autoresponders.


Actually, in between taking a 'lazy day' from fishing and/or working on my website, I am reading Daniel Levi's "The Email Alchemist" - Profit Diary of an Online Millionaire, Your Roadmap to Riches on Kindle Unlimited.


I think there's as many misconceptions about email marketing as there is in general concerning MMO niche markets. Most the top email earners DO NOT just blast out random emails, they segment their lists after conducting serious research, surveys, feedback, and analyze who on their list might benefit most from Product A, B, or C as opposed to look specifically at what might make them more money in the shortest time.


In fact, I remember reading Andre stated for certain promotions he sent upwards of 9 emails packed with pieces of a story, by which he would always leave the audience clinging to their seat, as if to be writing a bad ass television series, whereby, if they wanted the whole picture, they had to open his next email...or he would leave an unanswered question, whereby, if they wanted to know the answer....they had to check their email tomorrow. I've seen emails with 18-25 follow ups that were not overly promotional, but built trust, respect, curiosity, and eventually a desire to buy the main product.


If I remember correctly, he even stated some of his highest conversion rates for email opens and sales didn't happen until after he sent 9 or more emails specifically focused on one key product or service.


Daniel Levi's "Email Alchemy" was selling for $4997 last I checked, and although that was too rich for my blood, I did watch an entire webinar Brad Callen hosted for his list, whereby Daniel broke down the 12 most common story line plots used in copywriting, screenplays, books and wit; stories of the underdog prevails (Like the old Rocky movies) and 11 other examples were proven writing formula's all successful copywriter's depended on heavily in making massive fortunes in nearly any written format. While I'd spend $5k if money permitted, I am stubborn at being self-taught, so I grab pieces from all the industry leaders and then superglue it altogether in my own unique twists.


Currently, my list is minimal, so I am no expert...but, i have been refining  my studies to assemble some deep follow-up messages geared specifically to segmented people on my future lists, as opposed to just randomly blasting links to affiliate products, as I rarely ever buy digital products unless I have researched the creator and their prior works. *Sadly, this same methodology is hindering my growth as I have only one product to date, and am just now starting to establish some credibility, social proof, and get serious about list building and going all-in online. (*In between fishing, of course!) - but I do sincerely believe; email marketing will be a huge part of my future writing success.

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