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[CLOSED] 30 Day Mastermind: Print on Demand Publishing Profits

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Here is a business that is for newbies and also experienced IMers.


Using Print on Demand Publishing Platforms to build a business.


There are four main components to this Mastermind Class:




  • You can do this online or offline.
  • You can get started with minimal costs.
  • You do NOT have to be a writer.


The goal of this 30 Day Mastermind Class is to teach you the business model

and equip you to find your first client.



Why am I offering this Mastermind?


  • This is done very well on a local level. I have no desire to hire teams across the US and UK (even if I could) to do this.
  • There is a need for this service. In some markets, a HUGE need.
  • If I offered it for free, no one would value it like they should.
  • I love teaching. :)


When I offered an 11-page Hotsheet with this business model, I sold over 2200 copies.

That was 5 years ago. I have learned so much more since then.











The course is delivered via a private forum. Links to each module will be sent via email.

It will be a mixture of PDFs and webinars.

Each week is a different component.

(Everything will be available via recordings if you can't attend live.)


Q&A will have a section on the forum. 


Service issues can contact me via my help desk: www(dot)shayrockhold (dot) com/helpdesk.html



Mastermind starts on August 1st!



I'm limiting this to 30 spots.


Refund policy: I am offering a 30 day refund policy.



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Web Hosting

* I haven't created an offer in years. Be gentle. If there are bugs in the system, let me know and I will fix it, k?


Reserved for FAQs


Q: What are CreateSpace and Lulu.com?

A: They are platforms for self-publishing. Instead of going to a vanity publisher and paying $10K for a basement full of books, you can publishing on CS or Lulu and when a person buys your book (worldwide), the book is printed and then shipped to the customer.


Q: What about Kindle publishing?

A: This Mastermind won't talk about Kindle. (Maybe just a brief mention.) We'll be talking about published physical books, and the markets I show you prefer physical books.

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