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Mike Martin

Emailing small businesses

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I just had to ask if there was a good ROI on emailing small mom and pop shops with whitepapers?

Every now and then Ill get an email with a standard script asking me to read their whitepaper on how they can crush it for my services, in a .pdf format.

Any of you using this technique? Does it convert well?

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SEOPress WordPress SEO plugin

It can certainly work, but you are probably going to have a small response rate. You can increase that response rate by tailoring it to the business types.

For example, I had a report once that was called something like The 7 Deadly SEO Sins.

Well, if I sent it to a doctor's office, it was The 7 Deadly SEO Sins Medical Practices Are Making.

If it went to a lawyer, it was The 7 Deadly SEO Sins Lawyers Make.

And so on.

Personally, I had better luck by ranking a page with an opt-in to a report like that and having an auto-responder follow up series.

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Here's what I would do If I was selling local SEO.

Piggyback off Google's authority, use Google to your advantage.

Take this random domain (warnerandcompany.com) for instance, it's a local insurance business. If you run their URL through the Google mobile tool Google makes it very obvious the site sucks for mobile SEO, which mobile is a large percentage of local SEO.

So..., email the Google/domain link to the domain owner & let them know their site isn't optimized for mobile SEO. Get your foot in the door with the on-page mobile optimization & upsell off-page SEO as needed.

Search out sites that fail the Google mobile tool test. Repeat...

Let the Google mobile tool do the selling.  ;)


Maybe even test doing a screenshot of the domain name & failed Google mobile tool where the email is being sent to keep the potential client from leaving the email, might boost response rate.

Example screenshot:


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