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Mike Friedman

Anyone else seeing Barbara from Shark Tank in local real estate commercials?

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This is for U.S. residents... Well, unless she is doing this outside of the U.S. too.

Recently, one of the local real estate agent teams has started running a commercial featuring Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank. I'll try to find a video of the commercial and add it when I get a chance.

It's more than just her face and a voiceover. She is seen in the commercial interacting with the real estate agent team. I don't know if they did it at a local office or they flew to her.

I'm curious if this is something she is doing on a larger scale across the nation.

Their website is YorkHomes.net, and it makes no mention of the commercial or her that I can find.

They are a popular real estate brokerage in this area, but nothing that special. What I mean is being one of the top real estate agents in York, PA is not like being the number one agent for Manhattan, NY. I cannot imagine her endorsement comes cheap, but I'm also surprised they are not using it on their website or anywhere else that I can find.

Then I started thinking... Is she doing this only for real estate businesses?

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