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Mike Friedman

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2017

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this isnt advertised as black friday or cyber monday, but i suppose this a good spot for this:

if you use the powersuite stuff and dont have enterprise, this seems like a no brainer if you use website auditor. actually, even if you have enterprise this would save you on algo updates.



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2 hours ago, Mike Friedman said:

i saw this too. just a heads up for anybody not familiar:

last year, you couldnt just buy a domain for example at any time. the items went on sale at certain times of the day. 0000 domains, 0100 hosting, 0200 ssl or whatever

and then, even if youre there at the right time, theres tons of people there too. their site gets jammed up and crashes, and they only offer a certain amount of each item and when they sell that #, then the sale is over (for that hour, it will come back in a few hours). i did it last year and it was really frustrating. 

i did get some domains and hosting. hosting renews for like $39, so im not going to renew it.

i wont be bothering with this this year, but if you have some hair you want to pull out, give it a go, maybe they fixed the problems?


edit: oh, and there was a limit on domains for the sale price. may have been a limit on the other things too, cant recall

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