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Is this the end of gold as a safe haven?

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Traditionally investors have flocked to gold in times of unrest and uncertainty. Given the turmoil in the U.S., the middle and far East, one would normally expect to see the price of gold starting to climb.

This isn't happening though. Gold hasn't gone anywhere, and investors seem to flocking to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies instead.

What say others? Has gold lost it's appeal? Are cryptos the "new gold"?

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There are some REMs and metals that are a little more necessary to our way of life than gold now.  Some of these are in short supply underground now.  I believe you will see a "rush" for these elements eventually even if cyber currencies take the attention for awhile.

I've never seen a solid enough explanation of exactly how cyber currency is derived and maintained to feel secure with it. At all. Maybe I just missed something.   

There are a few tangibles that I think will take precedence over cyber eventually, though. 

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