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Google Home Services is now called Google Local Services.  I have seem some people call it LSA for Local Service Ads.  I just figured I would throw that quick FYI out there.

Anyway, has anyone been using it?

I've seen some discussions from SEO Pros talking about how there are not many ways for them to use it for their clients, how it's aimed directly towards the clients with the background checks and licenses required to sign up.  So being a middle man for referrals won't work very well.  And the setup is pretty easy, unlike AdWords where you really need a pro to set it up and maintain it.

What do you guys think?  Have you been using it?

From my experience, it's great.  I have a very low spend and I also only offer very few services.  The reason is because I can't handle all the extra work.  From what I have seen, I could support my entire business with LSA alone.  Not that I would, but it's possible right now.

They got rid of the messages part of it, so the only way for customers to get to you is the referral phone number.  The calls cost me $18.  That's perfectly fine for an acquisition fee for each potential customer.  

As I mentioned, I only offer a few services.  I figure I will just offer the higher dollar services such as electrical panel changes, vehicle chargers, etc.  There are plenty of smaller services I could offer, like changing outlets, troubleshooting service calls, etc.  But I figure I will wait until I put another guy on.

One issue that happened a little while back is that when a company started using LSA, they were taken out of the Local 3-pack.  I was pissed.  But they fixed that.

I know this post is all over the place, I just figured I would get some info out there and see what others had to say.  

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Appreciate you sharing your experience. 

I have not had the opportunity to try it yet. None of my customers are in areas where they are serving LSA ads or they are not in the right lines of business.

I run AdWords for my own business, but my line of work doesn't qualify for LSA.

Great to hear that it is working so well for you.


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Hi Wirenut,

Can you give an update on your experience with LSA? I started the process Friday after noticing that some competitors had a badge next to their ads that said, “Google Guaranteed”. I looked more in to it and they were signed up to LSA. 

You stated in your post that you are getting $18 calls. I do garage doors, and $18 would be incredibly low. I often spend well over $100 for acquisition cost. Sometimes it’s $200 or more for repairs. 

In the past, I was unable to afford this, but we changed our pricing model to menu selling. After finally getting a decent CRM, we realized that a large part of our numbers was repeats and referrals. That helped lessen the blow of spending $100 on a lead to get a service call. 

For me, it was almost impossible to be aggressive enough with my ads to grow until I raised my prices, at lot. 

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