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Robert Broome

Reputation Management Tool for SEO

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Hello all, 

I was called on by a company that is selling a reputation management tool that they claim works for serp improvement. It’s called Nearbynow. My staff has an app on their phones where they can check in when they get to a clients home. This check in shows up on the community page of the city that they are working in. After they complete the job, they can ask for a review, which will also show up on the community page. It looks cool, has the employees picture, date, time and what they did. I think it gives a reputable look to your service and shows that you work in a specific community. What I’m not buying is that it it helps your site rank. It’s only $99 a month, so no huge deal. We have used it for a few months and I can’t see any results in traffic. We do convert well for such a small amount of local traffic in a competitive niche. 

Has anyone ever heard of this type of software, and what are your thoughts on it’s claim of moving you in the serps?

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