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What if Google+ launched today

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The failed social media platform Google+ launched in June of 2011. It was more or less a clone of Facebook. It failed spectacularly, but did have some interesting features like Hangouts which has survived.

With all the bad press going on right now about Facebook, I wonder if Google+ would have had a chance if it was launching today instead of 7 years ago.

Would the discontent with Facebook grow louder if there was a viable alternative?


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Although I'm sure some folks would jump ship, I wouldn't - mainly because I don't think it's entirely Facebook's fault to begin with. Realistically, why not blame all the idiots that signup and allow all the FB Apps that collect and use their info outside of FB's control? What I mean by this is that FB users allow themselves to get sucked into sharing their details through games, surveys, "tests", etc., exactly the way in which this whole drama unfolded in the first place. 

There's a limit to what FB can do, once a user actively agrees to hand themselves off to a third-party app. For example, I have a very private FB account I use with my EFL students - and there is no personal info that can be shared. I do NOT participate in any third-party apps and have never seen the data that is there pop up elsewhere (assumed name and biographical details). 

As business people, we should realize that ALL Social Media is geared towards the collection and exploitation of data - don't you do that? Collect email addresses, cell phone numbers, addresses, etc? We all do this, or rather, smart marketers do it, because it's mission critical. 

I honestly don't blame FB at all....

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Google+ would still fall flat. It's death might have dragged out a little longer.

People are too tied into Facebook to just jump to another platform. Some people have a decade plus of memories stored there. They are not just going to walk away from that for something that offers basically the same thing.

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