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Mike Friedman

The more things change, the more they stay the same...

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...or something like that.

So there was a new update to the forum. Unfortunately, the new update caused the layout of the search bar above to go all screwy. The menu that appears on it when you click it was permanently visible, but not all of it.

It's some sort of conflict with the old theme that I customized. I cannot figure it out at the moment. 

I could customize the theme all over again, but what I am leaning towards instead is just getting a new logo created that matches this, the default theme. I can make a few minor edits to a couple of things I don't like in it,  but then I will probably never have to worry about it breaking again. The default theme is always going to work with new updates.

On the bright side... holy freaking emojis Batman!!!!   📢 🎬 💡 ✔️ 😈 🤑 🏋️‍♂️ 🤺 👀 🐵

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18 hours ago, BIG Mike said:

I actually like this default theme exactly as it is - it's clean, easy to read and being a minimalist, it satisfies my sense of design ;)

Did you just poo poo me?  You like it because it's all grey and blue.  Hmmm... where have I seen that?... 'sense of design' .. PPFFFT!  Pretty colors matter BIG Mike, all colors matter. 


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