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Big Autoresponder Tip (ConvertKit, Maybe Others)

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If you're like me, your autoresponder mails almost daily and you don't want to flood your list with a bunch of emails in one day.

Problem: product launches can't be fit into sequences well.

There's a really easy workaround for this in ConvertKit, I can not speak for other autoresponders, at this time.

ConvertKit allows you to only send emails in a sequence on certain days of the week.

So the simplest solution would be to have one day of the week be "promotion day," where the sequence doesn't send anything.

But you can do more with that. Lets say there's a new product launch you want to market:

So pretend it's Friday and the product launch is on Monday, you want to send a warm up email on Sunday, and a reminder on Tuesday.

In the sequence options: just uncheck Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, then drop your Warmup, Pitch, Reminder, on those days, and then the sequence will continue as normal on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, just turn those days back on.

The other way to do this typically involves screwing around with tags and this solution is much much easier.

This is also good for holidays(to skip the holiday)/holiday promotions as well.

Note: There may be an issue here, depending on how you setup your sequences.

Usually, the only way to get on to "Evergreen Sequence" is to complete the "Nurturing Sequence." Obviously, you should never interrupt the "Nurturing Sequence" and you may want to manually mass tag all of the users that you want to mail to prevent emailing people out of sequence.

In the case of the example above, in the morning on Sunday, before I mailed out the warm up email, I would tag all of the users currently in the "Evergreen Sequence" with something. Then only mail the users with that tag (this is to prevent mailing the pitch and reminder emails to people who never got the warm up email.) 

In the case where you are only sending emails to users who were previously tagged (to indicate interests or something), or where there are conditional emails in that sequence, you would still want to use the more traditional approach where you exclude a tag on the "Evergreen Sequence", setup a new sequence, have that sequence remove that tag upon completion, then tag the users you want to mail the sequence to. For a 1 off email going to your entire list, this is a bit of a pain. Convert kit allows you to add to your sequence and it will mail everybody at the end of the sequence, even if they are beyond the day in the sequence (if you have a 90 day sequence and the user is on day 151, if you add an email to day 91 in the sequence, the user on day 151 will automatically get it.) I only mention that because sometimes you want to pause the sequence to send emails on certain days, as explained above, and sometimes you don't actually care when they get the emails.

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