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So it only took me 5 days to beat Mike's Reddit karma and he's secretly jealous.

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No hacks or buying Karma. 100% whitehat...

I was able to beat Mike's karma on reddit in 5 days.

I admit, I used r/eyebleach a little bit to do it :)

Just kidding, that was most of it... 😎

Edit: I was really just trying to get 1k karma as fast as I could and it had nothing to do with Mike... 😀

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 This isn't a response to you specifically but is a quick tutorial on how to gain Reddit Karma relatively quickly and somewhat consistently.

The reason to do this would be to build your karma up, so if somebody looks at your profile, you don't like Reedit newbie. Mike is already beyond that point.

Tip: When you have a brand new account, and you have zero karma, you can not post more than once per 10 minutes to a specific subreddit, and once you get the timer, it applies to all subreddits. So the way to work around that is to bounce from subreddit to subreddit. It is really super annoying when you're trying to help somebody, and you can't post because of the stupid timer.

So, go to r/all/ and sort by popular (r/all is not a subreddit, it's all of reddit.)

Go down the list, what you are looking for is an opportunity to reply to somebody who's comment is heavily up-voted and should currently be at the top of comments. The Reddit comments are known as nested comments, they're not in chronological order, and there's an up-vote system to determine the order of the conversations. So, even though you just left a comment a few seconds ago, your comment will appear under the person you responded to rather than at the bottom of the page.

So if you see an opportunity to leave a comment and it will be to one of the top comments, leave a comment, preferably a joke or interesting information. It doesn't have to be long, my best post was the word "HALP" and I got 300+ up-votes (it was a cute puppy that was kind of trapped in a fence, it was really more confused and was doing the puppy dog eyes thing.) Another post was a lion sitting in a wheel barrel, and I said something like "The lion is like, 'This Is Mine Now' " and got 200+ upvotes. Both of these pictures were posted to r/eyebleach . Many of the subreddit names are the opposite of what you would think they are based upon their name. So there's r/PeopleFuckingDying and there's going to be cute pictures, not actually people dying. There might be a post like "Man Viciously Mauled To Death," and it's a gif of kitten playing...

Another post I got almost 100 karma from, was a post about 'The Big Lebowski' being shown in theaters again and I quickly Googled memorable quotes and posted one that wasn't already posted and got almost 100 karma (I honestly never saw the movie, but I know it has a following.) I was able to respond to the person who replied to the comment with the most up-votes. So even though I wasn't at the very top, it still worked.

But if the comments are fully expanded outwards due to people replying to the top comment or people who replied to them, just move on to the next post in r/all.

80/20 rule definitely applies here, I definitely got 80% of my karma from a tiny handful of posts, and the vast majority of them fell flat, and I got no up-votes, or worse people were down-voting me. Sometimes the down-voting is completely unfair. I got -30 on a few posts responding to a news article (not politics) and what I said was honest and accurate, I guess people didn't want to read what I had to say.

Also, if anybody responds to you, up-vote them and try to leave a response to them. Sometimes people will up-vote entire conversations.

Also, going beyond 1000 karma here is kind of pointless. It's just an appearance thing, the way karma really works is that it's actually based upon the subreddit you got it from. So if you want to be a "valued contributor" in a specific subreddit, you really just help people or post links to good content in that specific subreddit.

Also, if you pay attention and you notice that you are quickly starting to get downvotes on a post, you can delete it, but I wouldn't post in that subreddit again for like a day. It's definitely bad manners to do things like that.

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Just now, Mike Friedman said:

And yes, I am secretly jealous. 

I do like Reddit's karma system. I think it is a nice deterrent to spammers. It makes mods almost unnecessary.


LMAO I was actually proof reading the guide when you posted. :)

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