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Warning about Wordpress 5.0 update Coming out Nov 19th

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Wordpress is pushing the Gutenberg editor live Nov 19th and it will probably break about 80% of the WordPress sites out there.

Disable automatic updates now and make sure you test everything before you update to 5.0.

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4 hours ago, Mike Friedman said:

I saw a couple of videos from people who had installed the Gutenberg plugin that is available. Man does it look terrible. Clunky. Slow. Not very user friendly.

If you want a site builder, go with Elementor or Divi and don't look back. 

You can just install the classic editor and disable Gutenberg, that's not the issue. The issue is that if you are using something like Divi, update to Gutenberg, then start updating your content, realize it's breaking divi, then switch back to the classic editor, every page you updated will be broken. The only solution I found when I tested it was to delete the pages and recreate them, so it's not like it breaks the site completely.

If they do this correctly, it should prompt you on what editor you want to use when it updates. That way you can "no no no cat" it.


Hopefully they have enough intelligence to do this correctly but I've got a hunch that every single designer and developer is going to be extremely busy starting Nov 20th...

I would highly encourage people to test this ahead of time on a test site.

Duplicator your site and export it.

Setup Wamp.

Setup your hosts file so points to your domain name (this will cause your computer to go to local host instead of trying to DNS the domain, so don't forget to undo that later.)


Install your site with duplicator to your local site, test stuff. If it's fine, cool, if not, figure out what you're going to do.

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