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Google+ Shutting Down

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Truthfully, it was basically shut down a couple of years ago when they disbanded the team and fired the guy in charge of it. It's just been limping along since then. 

I would just like my apology now from all those assclowns who said I was crazy to not make Google+ a big priority when it launched and who cried that it was going to be something huge I would miss out on.

Some even went as far to claim it would kill Facebook, despite some of us pointing out all of Google's previous failures to get into the social space. 🤣

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tbh I never saw the appeal.

A bold noo social network pitchin' adventure an' novelty mebbe got sumthin' on Facebook's (now) relatively staid approach.

But Google+ was always only ever an extension of the same deal helped your granma shop for incontinence pants an' permit porno-crazed Russian hackers to look in whileya multitasked checkin' email with havin' a pee.

Plus also, it was ANNOYIN'.

What this prolly means is ... anywan had 300+ followers gotta figure sum other space to pick up interest.

tbh I expect naked guys dancin' in the mall tamara, situation is so desperate ...

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On 10/22/2018 at 10:57 AM, JohnHemmer said:

Lol. They must feel like idiots now. Hopefully, they were smart enough to get those people over to other platforms.

Hopefully they were smart enough to be doing that years ago.

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