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A legit way to get real followers on Twitter

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I've been screwing around with different techniques to get legit followers on Twitter without much success.

Rand Fishkin's new project is Sparktoro which has a free Twitter follower "grader" and obviously it's no surprise that most people's followers are junk.

Obviously the reason any marketer wants followers is to promote your own stuff but if your audience is bots/junk then that doesn't help you.

I tried doing Followback manually and extremely selectively and that did work but it was extremely tedious. I wasn't going super aggressive but I was only building ~5 followers a day and it was a lot of work to find ~100 good accounts, follow them all, wait a few days, then unfollow the ones that did not followback.

I found a method that was much faster but the quality was a little bit lower and it's actually a much better use of your time.

Find ~100 influencers in your niche and follow them. They should have 10,000+ followers each and their account shouldn't be clearly automated. (See Jeff Bullas if you're not sure what an automated Twitter account looks like.)

Start stalking your Twitter feed. As soon as any of these influencers post, immediately reply to them with an intelligent Tweet.

Every time I do this, I seem to get 1-5 followers immediately, and I haven't been able to respond to anybody super huge on Twitter like Rand Fishkin yet.

I realize that might sound silly and obvious, but I'm slowly digging my way through an ocean of advice regarding Twitter that is bad or does not work. I've built accounts up previously using a followback bot and the results are pretty bad, you do get followers but when you Tweet, your engagement is nonexistent.

As a tip: posting content to your social account does not help you if you have no followers. The hashtag techniques on Twitter seem dead for the most part. You really need to build up a couple hundred followers before starting a campaign involving content to have any chance at that working.

Edit: this isn't working as well now. It's very odd, I honestly think time of day has something to do with this.

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