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Ridiculous $100+ EPC as an Affiliate.

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I'm providing basically zero information about this for obvious reasons. I've actually thought about this carefully and I don't think there is any way to figure out what I'm doing so I'm not concerned with sharing the information that I am providing but I really can't provide any more.

About 6 months ago I setup a site targeting extremely low competition and low volume keywords in the B2B services vertical. The keywords have search volumes of 10-50 US searches monthly. The site only sends a few clicks to the merchant a week but the average earnings per click is over $100... The traffic is so low that I didn't even notice that the site started ranking, it's only getting 5-10 clicks a day. I gave up on the project thinking that I was wasting my time, man was I wrong. If I were to calculate the RPM of the pages that link to the merchant, it's nonsensically high, around ~$8,000. The ROI on the site is already 10x+ and it's only been ranking well for about a month or so.

This was honestly one of the easier projects that I've ever set up that.

Lesson learned: Sometimes low volume is a good thing. Most SEOs would probably look at the search volume and think that anybody who was targeting these keywords was an idiot. The SEO work was almost purely on-page as well, the domain only has 2 links from guest posts. I'll definitely work on that as there is certainly some room for improvement in the rankings.

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