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wordpress forced me to gutenberg i think

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i havent paid much attention to wordpress much other than what i see here, but i just logged in to one of my wordpress sites and it forced me to update the database, which i thought would just be the database, but turns out it updated everything or updated it at some other point without me knowing. 

if my pages mention gutenberg when im editing, then its updated, right?


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You should be good to go gnojham.  Normally when you first log in to WP, you'll see a notice if any other updates for WP are needed.  You can also check the 'updates' in your dashboard, on the left.  

If you don't want to mess with learning Gutenberg right now, in plugins, just install the classic editor.  Check out the ratings of Gutenberg vs classic, you can see how popular Gutenberg ISN'T.  LOL.. 

I've tried it, still hate it, but it does have some pretty cool functions.  

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It may not have been the database update that did it. You might have automatic updates setup.

I cannot stand Gutenberg. I've tried it a couple of times thinking I better learn how to use it. I always just end up throwing my hands up and asking myself why bother? 

Elementor FTW.

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