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It's time for a laugh

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1 hour ago, Lanfear63 said:

The Evil Vampire Count never owned a ruler due to Transylvania taking Draconian Measures 

Yes, every time l go out, and get a decadent coffee, and imperialist dog cake, and evil paper, it is anyone's guess how long it will be until the goon squad shows up to give me the boot.

Today l got away with almost 2 hours, before one shopping ctr staff, said that a new rule came in, and no one was allowed to sit on our bench seats anymore.

Then l went to another section, with 2 police officers walking past, and a few more security people, none gave a s...t.


It is probably the new rule, they are trying to push that two people in public is the limit, and anymore will be fined, and probably put up against a wall with a cigarette?

The person in this video looking like our health minister in my state is purely,.......umm, never mind!


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Two guys who live across the street from each other and share a mutual hatred of each other.

One of them discovers an old lamp and after giving it a polish a genie appears.

"I hereby grant you three wishes, but think carefully on what you wish for as I will grant your neigbour who you hate double whatever you get", says the genie.

For his first wish the guy asks for a luxury mansion fitted with all the latest mod cons.

SHAZAM! The guy finds himself in a luxury mansion with all the latest gadgets and technology. He looks across the street and see his hated neighbour now has a mansion twice the size.

For his second wish the guy asks to be surrounded by a dozen beautiful women.

SHAZAM! He finds himself surrounded by twelve of the most beautiful women on earth. He looks across the street and sees his neighbour is surrounded by two dozen of the world's most beautiful women.

"Time for your third and final wish", the genie informs the guy.

The guy thinks long and hard on this before finally saying, "I wish that one of my testicles was removed".



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