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I have never left a review of any kind for any type of internet marketing course or service period. Mostly because anything I have tried has not left me with a feeling that I got my monies worth.


I launched myself into this as a hobby back in 2012 after a friend recommend Ed dale and the Challenge. Back then I ranked a website for 3 top ten phrases with Keywords having a monthly volume of 1k-8k per month using nothing but 2.0 links, Posterous.and “curated” content. It was all low hanging fruit and I made my first $1k in this business with affiliate offers.


I started doing local SEO for small business about a year later and have listened to hrs and hrs of erroneous crap, sold by supposed SEO’s who are nothing more than internet marketers themselves and not real SEO’s.


That brings me to Mike.


I discovered Mike (and Yukon) in another forum, which I never posted publicly in. I would read a lot of his posts and quickly understood that he was more knowledgeable then the rest. The same can be said for Yukon, and I had no idea he was here until I checked it out.


After reading some of the posts and answers in the free section of Spartan I decided to bite the bullet and bought a lifetime membership. Hands down, I have gotten more value out of this membership than anything I have ever bought regarding SEO or SEM. The best $299 I have ever spent.


Want clear on page SEO knowledge with no BS? 


This is the place to get it.


Want to know how to properly silo a website?


This is the only place/course I have found that explains it properly.


Want to know how to build your own Private Network?


This is the only place/course that you can learn that, and keep your money site safe from the Google police.


Further more, the forums are full of knowledgeable people who actually know and practice SEO and SEM, they don’t just talk about it.


No pissing contests here, just straight up no BS answers and value!


Thanks Mike!

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1 hour ago, DKong said:

Will there be any sales for this on or around Black Friday or the holiday season? Just curious before I take the plunge.




There will be a Black Friday sale. Maybe something right before the end of the year too. 

The details of the sale I have not decided yet.



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