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Mike Friedman

Finding Your Way Around and Using Forum Features

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This is just a quick little guide on how to use some of the more common forum features that you may find useful.


Please use the "Like This" button when you want to thank someone for a post. Do not clutter up a thread with



Great Post!

Good information.


kind of posts. Now if you have something specific you want to mention about the post and thank the poster for, by all means, do so. Otherwise just use the "Like This" button you will find at the bottom right corner of every post.







If you want to quote multiple posts from the same thread, use the multiquote button to do so in one post.








If you want to find other posts of a particular user, visit their profile page and click the "Find Content" button at the top right.








To quickly find the subforum you are looking for without scrolling down the entire page, use the "Quick Navigation" icon located at the top right of the screen.









If you find a particular thread useful or interesting and would like to be notified when others post in the thread, there is a "Follow this topic" button at the top right of the screen when you open the thread. You will several notification options, including immediately, daily, and weekly. You will be emailed a notification when others have posted replies. This feature can be especially useful if you post a question and would like to be notified when someone answers your question. You can stop following a topic by clicking on the same button again.








Edit your profile settings by clicking on your name at the top right of the screen and selecting the "My Settings" option. This is where you would change things like contact information, your forum signature, and notification options.










If you would like to change your forum signature, select "Signature" on the left hand column menu after you have picked "My Settings". Please be sure to read our rules on forum signatures.









If you try to read a forum thread and are greeted by this message...


sorry-we-could-not-find-that.PNG is because there are private areas of the forum reserved for those who have joined the Spartan Inner Circle Membership. All members are welcome to join. You can learn more about the Spartan Inner Circle here. You can also join at any time by clicking on the "Store" menu option at the top of the forum and selecting the membership.




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If you are copying and pasting anything, this one is for you. (Credit to Yukon for the image)


There is an option on the toolbar when you make a post that (literally called options) that allows you to set anything you paste as plain text. Then you do not get any weird formatting issues when you copy and paste something here.




If you do not want that set as the default and just want to paste as text as a one-time thing, you can also hit the "paste as text" button which is two buttons to the left of the options button.

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